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CIS ERP is a Choice of Top Brands for ERP Software in Pakistan

In the past 10 years, we have improved and customized our product to match all business requirements of ERP software in Pakistan. We invite business owners for our Free ERP software demo.

Over a 100+ Customers Trust CISERP Software

Best ERP System In Pakistan

CIS has been providing digital solutions to customers from all around the world since 1988. If you’re searching for a good ERP system that can help your business dynamically turn around to aim for success ensuring efficient and significant changes, you’ve come to the right team of professionals.

While CISERP has been currently servicing 300 + customers, this has only been possible because at CIS we believe in quality assurance and customer satisfaction. Choose from us and aid your business with an experienced team of accredited technical experts that can consult and produce the right ERP software fit for your business.

How Does ERP System Help Your Business Grow?

CISERP is creating value for businesses all around Pakistan. Features and tools of CISERP are designed to formulate business operations of its clients by offering:

Better Efficiency:

CISERP uses multi-purpose features that decrease the time consumption required to accomplish a task. It also decreases the paper cost and other costs that occur during manual procedures.

Increased Productivity:

CISERP increased business productivity by digitizing the business operations. With its featureful modules, CISERP is leading the pathway in organizational efficiency and increased business productivity.

Reduced Inventory Costs:

CISERP has a dedicated module for inventory management. The module helps our clients in maintaining a record of inventory. It also reduces the cost of inventory management and inventory wastage.

Better Risk Management:

With increased productivity and decreased wastage, CISERP offers better risk management to its clients. With innovative and advanced updates CISERP provides the best cover to risk for its clients.

Shifting To ERP Software In Pakistan

Equipping your business with up-to-date technological advances makes sure you stay competitive in the business. Globalisation has risen competition in every market around the world, pushing businesspersons towards digitalization for better productivity, communication, and management. Staying with on-premises management systems in this day and age makes a business’s profile look unattractive, even if you have a good product. Without a proper resource management system, your company is always a potential risk of flawed management and inefficient decision making.

This is why ERP is a need for businesses now. Not only limited to large scale entities, SMEs (Small and Medium-scale Entities) need a good ERP to achieve successful growth. CISERP ensures your business keeps up with market shifts and changes without any hassle and join the leading businesses of the world.

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Cloud Web-based vs. Offline Onsite ERP

CIS provides the best-performing ERP software in Pakistan to improve your business proficiency with advanced reporting tools. We are the most dependable ERP solution providers in Pakistan with a vast clientele of satisfied customers. We offer 2 versions of CIS ERP to our clients.

CISERP comes with freedom of choice so that you can choose which selection fits the best for your business environment. Both options offer different benefits relevant to various businesses. Here is a summary of what you get with each package, choosing from CIS ERP software.

To make a well-informed decision, apply for free consultancy right now!

CIS Onsite ERP Software

If you don’t want your business’s privacy and operations to be dependent on Internet access, choose the on-site ERP system. CIS, being the best ERP solutions provider, can deploy an experienced and skillful team to your premises for installation and training of your staff.

Cloud ERP Software

If your primary goal is efficiency and cost-benefit, a cloud ERP system can help the business with more rapid outcomes, a lower cost of ownership, and increased speed, scalability, and flexibility. This enables businesspersons to stay in control even remotely.

Reliable and Affordable ERP For Small Businesses

The current economic trends have shown small businesses of Pakistan not opting for an ERP mainly for 2 reasons: Expensive Cost and Lengthy ERP Implementation.
However, good for you, CIS ERP for small businesses takes care of both the concerns in an efficient and practical manner.
Welcome CIS Core ERP, the most reliable and affordable ERP for small businesses.
We enable your access to ERP so easy that you just can’t say no.
In addition to the On-Premise ERP that CIS boasts for large businesses, Core ERP is made specifically for SMEs.
We target the local concerns of small businesses by creating the ERP extremely affordable and keeping the ERP implementation as fast as possible.
The product? Core ERP is priced at just PKR 10,000/month with which you enjoy a successful ERP Implementation in just 25 hours!

Rapid and Successful ERP Implementation Plan - 25 Hours

25 Hours seemed impossible, even to us, but CIS exists to turn the impossible into a friendly reality.
To promote the use of good business management software like ERP in small and medium-sized businesses instead of traditional excel sheets, we crafted a successful ERP Implementation framework that just requires not years, months, or weeks, but just 25 hours.
Does that mean it is a rushed ERP implementation that will create problems in the future? Well, no. The 25 hours include double verification of all your data, all data uploads and digitization, training of employees of the client business, and more.
Call us now to get personal advice on how you can dynamically change your business in just 25 hours.

Why ERP Providers Matter The Most?

We boast of our achievements in being the best ERP provider in Pakistan and there’s a reason for that. ERP providers matter a lot when it comes to ERP Implementation.
Unlike other SaaS, ERP software needs a lengthy ERP implementation in which the client business and the ERP provider needs to be in professional and efficient contact.
No matter how good the software may be, without a good ERP provider, it is worthless.
But- no worries with CISERP. CIS ERP software offers you not only the most intelligent and advanced ERP software but also comes with a team of experienced and skilled ERP experts.
These ERP consultants make it possible for your company to have a Core ERP Implementation in just 25 hours or an On Premise ERP Implementation in a matter of months.
We treat our clients’ concerns as if they were our own. Similarly, it puts a smile on our face when we see a company thrive from the roots of a good ERP implementation from us.
Even after a successful ERP implementation, it is important for good us to be there for you 24/7 as a reliable ERP provider.
Any moment could need an ERP consultation, whether it may be additional ERP training or updating your ERP software, a good ERP provider stays with the business till the end, and that’s what we do.
So when we say leave the hefty matters to the experts, we mean it for the long term.

24/7 Professional ERP Consultants Support

Creating the best ERP software in Pakistan isn’t possible without having a strong connection with the local businesses. Our primary aim was to create a solution for local businesses and that is what we still strive for.

We make sure you’re never left alone, which is why CIS ERP offers 24/7 efficient ERP support for all their clients.

Our ERP experts are not only present for you in times of need but also work every day to collect productive feedback and add updates to the ERP software.
If your ERP feels restricted in any way, our ERP team ensures to update you with the best technological equipment which is right for you.
This is why our team adds weekly updates to the software which ensures the Cloud ERP always stays relevant and advanced for your business.

CIS ERP Features That Help Businesses Grow

Low Operating Costs

CIS ERP can save up to 80% of your IT costs. CIS ERP is the most cost-saving and affordable ERP software in Pakistan, as it is a subscription model – Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) – these costs are reasonable and generally within your company’s budget.

24/7 Data Availability via Cloud

CIS ERP is a cloud based software that ensures 24/7 data availability. As long as you have Internet access, all the data and information you need is readily available to you from any location, at any time.

Data Security

Cloud ERP software provides solid security to businesses of all sizes. You never have to worry about data as it gets backed up by the cloud vendor, also the system tracks all activities and fully encrypts data stored within the ERP.


Cloud ERP scales easily, as it adjusts the entire infrastructure to the necessary size for each stage in your development as a company. With onsite infrastructure, scaling can be a costly & complicated aspect of business, so the cloud just simplifies the entire process.

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Why Choose CIS As Your Reliable ERP Vendor

Founded in 1988, CIS has accomplished a lot through the years focusing primarily on quality assurance and customer satisfaction. Customer validation has fueled our spirit to keep moving forward to provide better and more affordable digital solutions. Here are our featured milestones through the years.

  • 30 Years of Experience
  • ISO Certified Company
  • Team of 60+ Professionals
  • Implemented on 1000+ sites
  • Net/Andriod/IoS & Other Platform
  • More Than 300 customers
  • Accredited Customers Support
  • Vibrant: Advance Certification
  • Global: Office & Customers in multiple countries
  • More than 35 in premises Verticals

Easy Pricing Plans

ERP software in Pakistan is an ultimate need for the industrial environment of the country to achieve a successful change. Enabling this change with CISERP is the ultimate goal of CIS. However, this transition requires ease of access and affordability to ERP software prices in Pakistan to aid businesses to take the leap forward.

CIS ensures this by tagging CISERP to minimal and reasonable ERP prices. We believe quality and affordability, together, create the best ERP software in Pakistan.


    Rs.5000 / month
  • Features
  • 50 Employee
  • Time Management
  • Leaves Management
  • Loans management
  • MIS Reports
  • Overtime

Core ERP

    Rs.10000/ month
  • General Ledger
  • Account Payable
  • Account Receivable
  • Sales
  • Purchase
  • Inventory
  • Fixed Assets
  • Users: 5


    Rs.75,000/ One-time
  • Min 25 Hours
  • Rs. 3000/ hour
  • Training
  • Master data transportation
  • Opening balances Transportation
  • Chart of Account maintenance guidelines
  • Item Master maintenance guidelines
  • SOD (segregation of responsibility) preparation guidelines


Let us know if you're having trouble or if you have a feature suggestion. CIS is always welcome too!

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