What is Cloud ERP software?


Cloud ERP software is an advanced version of an ERP system that has a cloud database and system. All the operations and data can be accessed through the cloud without the need for any separate ERP system hardware.


Cloud ERP software can be accessed remotely with multiple user interfaces. Businesses of all sizes are shifting towards cloud ERP software for increased efficiency and data security.


Cloud ERP software has different features to provide seamless management services to businesses. It can record, process, and analyze data to produce reports that are used by managers and decision-makers to make better decisions.


Types of Cloud ERP software:


Cloud ERP software is also a type of ERP software but it also has different types. Some types of cloud ERP software includes:

  • Private Cloud ERP software
  • Saas Cloud ERP software
  • Proprietary cloud ERP software
  • Hybrid cloud ERP software

Private cloud ERP software:


A private cloud ERP software is also known as on-premises ERP software. Cloud ERP can be used in different ways, a business can have a private cloud ERP software from a vendor with a shared cloud database.


Mostly, vendors provide the cloud database to their clients. A vendor can have a different database for different types of clients. Usually small and medium-sized businesses prefer using private cloud ERP software.



Saas cloud ERP software:


Saas cloud ERP software is the most popular form of cloud ERP software. Saas ERP software can be attained by paying a monthly subscription fee. The software will be installed on any of your simple computers. Vendors offering Saas ERP offer a shared cloud database where all the data from their customers is stored.


Saas cloud ERP software is easy to implement and cost-effective. Most small and medium-sized businesses prefer using Saas cloud ERP software.


Proprietary cloud ERP software:


Proprietary cloud ERP software is the same as private cloud ERP software but with the exception that the vendor owns the database. Proprietary cloud ERP software provides more security to the user with a separate database.


Businesses that generate a huge amount of data prefer using proprietary cloud ERP software to avoid lags caused by large data traffic.


Hybrid cloud ERP software:


Hybrid cloud ERP software is the combination of on-premises ERP software and cloud ERP software. 


The ERP user uses both interfaces to work along each other to drive maximum yield out of the system. The cloud ERP software allows users to access the data remotely and perform tasks without the need for an onsite ERP system. On the other hand, on-premises ERP software manages the site facility and helps employees working there.


How does Cloud ERP software work?


The working of cloud ERP software is very simple. The vendor provides installation of software that has access to the vendor’s online server and cloud database. After the installation of software, the vendor helps the business with data import. Once the data is transferred to the cloud database the software starts to automate the process. 


All the data input points and user points will be attached to the server through the internet. All the centralized data from different sources will be collected and relevant information is transferred to the respective department.


The system then generates different reports that are reconciled with the previous report to make sure that the system is working correctly.


Vendors provide client support to help businesses manage their cloud ERP. incase of any data lost all the data can be accessed through a cloud database and from the vendor’s server.


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