ERP systems are a need for businesses from all around the world. On whatever scale the business operates, an ERP system is the most useful integration for success. The current fashion in industries may dictate otherwise. In Pakistan, only large scale businesses are seen to be using an ERP system. However, this is a bad trend for our country’s economics. The best ERP system shouldn’t be installed only when your business has achieved successful heights but should be the stepping stone for your business to achieve success efficiently. In whatever environment your business may operate in, if you want to aim for success quickly, a good ERP system is needed. 

CISERP – The Best ERP System Out There!


However with so many options to choose from, which ERP provider should you make a deal with? Your business needs the best ERP system that takes care of your operations perfectly. But, on the other hand, you wouldn’t want your business to deal with large and extra costs. This is why CISERP believes in a different definition when it claims to be the best. 

CIS ERP isn’t only the most featureful ERP software in Pakistan, but also the most affordable. Good business decision making means you should only invest cost-beneficially. This means you should only invest an amount when you are certain that your business will have a better return on it. An investment in CISERP makes you sure of that.

The best ERP system is surely the one product that is the most useful. An ERP system that your business feels comfortable using. An ERP software that you can trust for privacy with all your business information. And lastly, a good ERP system provider which can help you get all that at an affordable price. The only solution for all of that would be CISERP.

What Makes CISERP Better Than Other ERP Systems Available?

ciserp is the best erp system

Almost all popular ERP software have some basic aspects that are featured. Most ERP systems have an accounting module that operates the finances of the company. Additionally, they have a basic reporting system as well. The depth of these aspects varies on the ERP provider. 

What CISERP provides is much more than a typical ERP software offer. What makes CISERP the best ERP system is the additional features it provides found nowhere else! 

The Accounting Module spreads over 8 different modules offered in the ERP. This includes:

  • General Ledger
  • Inventory 
  • Fixed Asset
  • Sales
  • Purchases 
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Accounts Payable
  • Payroll

The Reporting Platform of CISERP provides in-depth information regarding your company’s performance and current financial/managerial position. The reports include but are not limited to:

  • Accounts comparison
  • Inventory Reports
  • Business Partner reports
  • Purchase Reports
  • Sales Reports
  • Trial Balance

Other than being the best ERP system by providing the most advanced features for all the basic aspects covered by most popular ERP software, there are some other edges CISERP equips that are found nowhere else. This includes:

  • Featureful Chart Of Accounts 
  • Business Partners
  • End Level Approval
  • Summarized A/Cs (Cost Centers/Locations/Departments)
  • Vertical Integration Versatility

Featureful Chart Of Accounts

Chart Of Accounts refer to the accounts maintained for every aspect of the business. This involves Revenue, Capital, Assets, Liabilities, and Expenses. In most cheap ERP software, Chart Of Accounts are available but they can’t be subdivided into categories. Some ERP systems provide these options but only up to 3 levels. CISERP provides you freedom of maintaining Chart Of Accounts for up to 10 levels!

For example, if your Fixed Assets span a wide range, you would need to classify them upon levels. Without any classification, each fixed asset will be dealt with a different account and you can’t know the total fixed assets you have. Or if you do have the option for a couple of levels, you can divide the fixed assets into some categories. For instance, the initial levels would be fixed assets, followed by Plant, Equipment, and Fixtures. This way you can report your equipment assets and total fixed assets as well.

However, with 10 levels, offered by CISERP, you can summarize data for better reporting and decision making. For example, the assets mentioned above can be further classified by location. The Chart of Account of Equipment can have multiple accounts such as Office Equipment and Factory Equipment. These can be further classified to Head Office Equipment, XYZ Branch Equipment, Factory #1 Equipment, and Factory #2 Equipment etc.

These classifications help with better reporting, understanding, and decision making.

Business Partners

adding business partners in erp system

Adding business partners in CISERP

Another exclusive feature that makes CISERP stand out to be the best ERP system is the option of adding business partners. 

A business deals with multiple external businesses. Large businesses can have thousands of suppliers, customers, transporters, etc. In any other best ERP system, other than CISERP, you will have to individually account for every external party. Even if a customer is a supplier (which is very common, practically), you will need to deal with both aspects differently.

With CISERP, you can add business partners and assign them roles as to how they affect your business. A single third party entity can be assigned to be a customer, supplier, transporter, etc. if needed. Any dealings with them are integrated into the GL according to the type of transaction, and at the end of the day, you can extract a business partner report spanning all these aspects.

A business partner report will show your relationship with the entity as a customer, supplier, employer, etc. however they are related to you.

End Level Approval

End Level Approval ensures all your data is kept accurate and maintained the way it is supposed to be. As a user of CISERP, upon the implementation of the software, all your data will be approved twice. Once by our end, and again on your end. This will ensure your data management is accurate and there is no margin of error. 

For any queries, you can easily contact our skilled ERP team and eliminate any risks that involve dealing with an ERP system.

Summarized A/Cs (Cost Centers/Locations/Departments)

As mentioned above, summarized data is extremely important for management and decision making. For a large company, it is important to know how the total figures originate and rooting them for their cause. In CISERP, this issue is tackled by allowing the creation of Locations, Cost Centers, and Departments. 

This means your accounting data can easily be allocated, appropriated, and reappropriated categorized to their relevant cost centres, locations, and departments. 

You can also easily report the accumulated ‘Incurred On’ total. 

For example, total electricity expenditure relating to different cost centres, locations, and departments, can be reported relating to their individual accounts. Alternatively, you can also report the total electricity expenditure incurred in the business. 

Assigning expenditures and revenues to cost centres, locations, or departments can smooth out a GL of a company. This can shorten the chart of accounts by up to 5 times! Where any other ERP software would require you to create 500 accounts, the job is efficiently done with CISERP with only 100 accounts! 

Vertical Integration Versatility

For most large businesses in Pakistan, it may be easier to vertically integrate your management and financial systems. For example, a sugar company may want to create a different set of financial records for each by-product, or you may want to generate consolidated reports. With CISERP, this freedom is provided at ease for large companies so that each set of records can be maintained efficiently and smoothly, and there is a good bridge between the products. 

These are all the aspects of how CISERP helps your business and fits your needs the best. Equip the best ERP system for your company to ensure managerial success, better efficiency, and profitability. Order a Free Demo right now!