Sales Management In CISERP Software


Sales management is an important part of every ERP software. Like every other ERP software, CISERP is equipped with an advanced sales management module. In this article, we will be exploring the features of the sales module of CISERP.


The sales management module is designed to formulate different natures of businesses. It also incorporates different business models.


Following are the features of CISERP’s sales management module.


  • Sales order
  • Delivery order
  • Dispatch order


Features Of Sales Module In CISERP:


The features of CISERP are designed and developed by a team of experts. The team includes experts in business management and software developers. After years of research and development, the framework for CISERP is created with all its features. 


More and more upgrades are being added to the software to make it meet modern-day requirements. The sales module is used by businesses of almost all natures. The manufacturing industry is among the users of this module. 


Following are three tools that a company can use in CISERP’s sales module:


  • Sales order
  • Delivery order
  • Dispatch order


Sales Order:


The sales order section is where a user can enter its sales into the ERP system. In the companies usually, the sales orders are booked in advance. The sales order section incorporates different information that is required to enter the sales order in the system. 

The information system asks about the name of the customer, product specifications, mode of payment, advance payment, the status of the order, and other necessary information. 


Delivery Order:


Once an entry is made in the sales order section, the system updates the whole sales module in CISERP. When the sales order reaches its delivery date the company can track the delivery details through this section. 


The user can enter the sales order details in the section and check the status. Moreover, this section also adds new entries regarding the sales order. All the entries in this section can be seen in the sales report. 


Dispatch Order:


The dispatch order section contains information about the sales order that is dispatched from the company’s unit and is under delivery. This section helps in updating the system with the progress of sales orders. 


The managers can go through the section to get updates regarding the status of the order. A remarks section is created in this section to add any other information regarding the sales order that cannot be entered in the general section. 


CISERP, The Best ERP Software In Pakistan:


All the features of the sales module are designed to facilitate the company in terms of its sales management. Through these features, businesses can keep a record of their sales order. All the entries in every section of the sales module can be seen in the sales report section.


CIS always tries to bring the most useful updates for its users of CISERP. We update the software with advanced updates that enable the users to manage their business efficiently.