How To Align Supply Chain Management With HR Strategies Using CISERP


Supply chain management and human resource management are two crucial aspects of business management in every business. Businesses depend on these two fundamentals and they invest in these two operations to bring efficiency to their entire business operation.


The challenge businesses face in this regard is due to the changing business dynamics and new business channels used by the business to meet modern-day customers’ requirements. 


The use of management solutions like ERP software has increased by the organizations to cope with this challenge. In Pakistan, the business dynamics are slightly different from the rest of the world. The use of technology is lesser as people prefer traditional business operations. 


With time, the use of technology has increased. ERP software provides like CIS has produced an amazing ERP software known as CISERP.


CISERP is an advanced ERP software that is capable of doing wonders for businesses that are facing managerial issues such as supply chain management and human resource management.


Aligning Human Resource Strategies And Supply Chain Management Using CISERP: 


CISERP is integrated with various modules designed to formulate different business operations. Companies using CISERP use multiple modules that are connected with various tools that help businesses in their operations. 


HRM and SCM are the foundation pillars of CISERP. Following are some ways CISERP can help businesses in aligning their HRM and SCM.

  • Restructure SCM For Modern Means Using CISERP
  • Enhances HR Utilization Using CISERP
  • Establishing Strong Connectivity 
  • Creates Modern Units


Restructure SCM For Modern Means Using CISERP:


The supply chain works as the backbone of every business. Businesses that use a multichannel approach often need a dynamic supply chain management setup. CISERP does not have a direct supply chain management module, but it has some tools that reconstruct the SCM for the business to manage modern challenges. 


CISERP connects businesses to their source and develops a system that automates the process through alerts and systematic command processing. Every manager or supervisor in the channels knows what is happening with the inventory.


With such a dynamic approach businesses evolve their supply chain into something advanced and perfect for modern challenges. 


Enhanced Human Resource Utilization Using CISERP:


Human resources are like blood for business enterprises. It is the major resource that keeps the operations working. Businesses that are large in size or that have complex business models have teams that have multi-talented people. Managing those multi-talented people is not an easy task for the HR manager. 


Traditionally, companies use a manual approach to manage their HR. with time new means emerge and businesses start to use automated systems to manage their HR. The use of a separate system for HR management complicates the duties of managers. For that reason, CISERP is integrated with the human resource management module. 


The HR management modules keep the data of every employee, the data contains information regarding their talent and skills. All the data can be accessed by the managers. With such a system, the HR managers can utilize all their HR in the best possible way to produce the best results.


Establishing Strong Connectivity:


The major change that CISERP brings to the companies is the centralized connectivity among different departments of the company. The connectivity helps HRM and SCM departments to stay connected and utilizes their resources as per the demand of different scenarios.


Creates Modern Units:


ERP software is destined to create modern business units. These units are capable of making highly innovative and highly advanced business units. The nature and intensity of business units vary with the nature of the business. 


Manufacturing and production businesses use CISERP to create modern manufacturing units along with managerial units. The software helps the companies in creating better and more modern units that are efficient in their operation because of CISERP.


CISERP, #1 ERP software in Pakistan:


CISERP is one of the best ERP software in Pakistan. The software consists of state-of-the-art modules and features. Each of the features is equipped with amazing tools that are capable of resolving modern challenges faced by businesses in Pakistan.


The industries using ERP software are of various natures including both servicing and manufacturing businesses.