ERP Software is one of the most important pillars of keeping a good business up in a market. The technological improvement that is brought into your business after equipping with an ERP system makes you more competitive and likely to succeed. The ERP is used with ERP users.

In this current age of rapid globalisation and digitization, it is important to stay connected. An ERP system helps you with both. It creates a smooth network between your business no matter how large it is, plus, it is technologically efficient and intelligent.

This helps with business management especially for large businesses that span a wide network.

ERP Users in an ERP Software

To ensure there is good communication between the business, ERP software are mostly used by many users. This is because there are many modules integrated into an ERP. These modules may have different tasks and many different people may have responsibility for them.

For example, with CISERP, you get 7 Accounting Modules + Payroll. It is helpful for a business to give access of the Payroll Module to the Human Resources department as it is their responsibility. The HR input should then be available to be viewed by the Accounts Department. This communication gap is bridged smoothly by assigning ERP users. 

This ensures your ERP Software is the single hub of information for the many users responsible.

Security and Privacy Concerns of ERP Users

With all the benefits of creating multiple ERP users, it is important to know this task should be done with proper care. Especially with a Cloud ERP, you wouldn’t want the information to be leaked to any undesired person(s). 

Don’t worry, though. A good ERP software ensures the procedures for assigning users are secure and safe. 

In CISERP, this is tackled efficiently as the web-based software is extremely secure on the cloud. Additionally, any creations or editing in the rights of users requires passwords and administrator rights.

How to Add ERP Users in CISERP

Adding Users in CISERP is a simple yet entirely safe procedure that a business feels comfortable using. Here is how you can create, edit, and find users in Cloud CISERP.

To start with any task, you will be required to enter your login information. This ensures your ERP user is never any unauthorized person.

log in erp software safe with protection and encryption

After that, you will be shown the welcome screen. From here you can edit users by heading over to Security> Manage User.

welcome page of cis erp system to manage users

Managing User Information in ERP

By clicking on Manage User Information, you can access the options to Add, Edit, Find, and Delete.

Finding Users

To search the current ERP users, click on Find. 

If you click on search without entering any details, all the users will be shown.

find users easily in cis erp software

Alternatively, if you fill in any search options, users relating only to those requirements will show up.

Adding Users

To add an ERP User, press on the Add option.

This takes you to a form for adding a user. Simply fill out the form with the information about the user. 

add multiple users in an erp system

Note: The password should only be known by the user. 

Once done, simply click on Add

For the ERP user to access the ERP, they will need to go on the web-based ERP link of the ERP software. At the login page, they will need to enter their username and the password they have set.

Editing Users 

To Edit an existing user, click on the Edit option.

First, you will need to search for the user you wish to edit. You can press search without putting in any filters to view all users. 

editing users erp

Whichever user you wish to edit, press the ? pencil icon in the Action column.

From here, you can edit any details you have entered for the user. Once done, click on Update.

Deleting Users

To Delete an existing user, click on Delete

From here, search for the user you want to delete and press the ? pencil icon in the Action column.

This will take you to the user profile. From here, press Delete.

deleting users unauthorized erp system

This covers everything you can do relating to your ERP users.

CISERP makes sure to create ease for clients as big companies can be dealing with many hundreds of employees that need user rights. With a user-friendly UI, any client using CISERP Software is made sure never to run into any problems.

Aside from this, if you still have any queries, feel free to contact the experienced ERP support team

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