How CISERP Helped Servicing Companies Fix Their Resource Management Problems


Resource management has always been a critical chapter for servicing businesses. Businesses go through losses and shrinking profits because of poor resource management. They tried different strategies and plans to overcome this problem but the problem somehow remains stagnant. 


After the evolution of ERP software servicing businesses decided to use them to cope with resource management problems. In Pakistan, servicing businesses had to suffer shrinking losses as they are experiencing inefficiency in their resource management and operations. 


Thirty years ago Computer Information Systems Private Limited launched its ERP software name as CISERP


CISERP is one of the best software to date. With hundreds of updates and extensions, it is among the top-rated ERP software in Pakistan


In this article, we will discuss what are the resource management problems servicing business faces and how CISERP has helped them in these years.  


3 Reasons Why Servicing Businesses Are Losing Their Profits:


Losing or shrinking can be caused by various technical reasons, but we will focus on one reason which is poor resource management. Resource management is one of the key areas where the business had to focus. 


For service businesses, resources whether it’s human or financial resource is very crucial. They work as the foundation for the whole business. Business managers are responsible to manage their resources in the most appropriate manager to get the maximum yield for the business. 


The problem starts when the manual work cycle and resource management procedures cannot cope with rapidly evolving business dynamics. The gap creates hurdles for businesses to grow. 


Following are the three reasons:


  • Resource Allocation
  • Poor Connectivity
  • Lack Of Detailed Reporting 


Resource Allocation:


Resource allocation is among the major problems that cause service businesses to lose their profits. The problem is not about having insufficient resources for the businesses. It is about not allocating them efficiently. 


Today, business dynamics for servicing businesses have evolved and they need multidimensional resource management procedures. Different tasks need different talents and skills to manage them, and efficient resource managers must know how to allocate their resources to the suitable task. 


Through manual procedures, it is impossible to do and manage. That is the reason that besides having sufficient resources servicing businesses are having resource management problems.


Poor Connectivity:


Another major problem is poor interconnectivity in the company. Every business stands upon strong connectivity and communication among different departments. Servicing businesses must have strong connectivity to work seamlessly and fast.


For servicing businesses customer experience is more important than other business types. And to offer a perfect customer experience the business itself must have strong connectivity and a centralized system.


Traditional intercompany communication methods weaken the outlook and create complications for the company to work on its full productivity.


Lack Of Detailed Reporting: 


Reporting is the key tool to getting business insight. Companies use different reporting methods to get detailed analytics of the business’s performance. Servicing businesses has a different business model that does not have easy-to-see growth and business indicators. 


The complexity of business models decreases the use of detailed reporting. And without detailed reporting, it is fairly difficult to analyze the business dynamics. That is why the lack of detailed reporting contributes to decreased efficiency and decreasing losses. 


How CISERP Fix Poor Resource Management:


CISERP being the best ERP software in Pakistan offers the best resource management solution to servicing businesses. Some huge servicing industries like advertisements companies use CISERP as their resource management solution.


Following are the ways CISERP can fix resource management problems:


  • Detailed Human Resource Management Module In CISERP
  • Cloud-Based Centralized System 
  • Detailed Reporting Module In CISERP


Detailed Human Resource Management Module In CISERP:


CISERP has a detailed human resource management module that has different features. All the features helped the company in managing its human resource through an advanced tool. The HRM module has different tools like payroll management, employee details, attendance management, compensation and salary, leaves, and loan management. 


All these tools are used to manage HR. It helps in keeping a record of the data and better allocating the resource to the relevant task. 


Cloud-Based Centralized System:


CISERP also has a cloud-based version. The cloud ERP software is a very dynamic ERP software that runs through a centralized server that is connected to a cloud database. All the commands and data are stored and executed through the centralized server. 


Cloud-based CISERP software connects different sections and departments of the company to a centralized system that connects remote units to the manager’s desk in the office. The software increases intercompany connectivity and strong communication that works in the best way possible. 


Detailed Reporting Module In CISERP:


CISERP has a detailed reporting tool. That tool helped all modules of the ERP software in creating detailed reports of the business insight. Reports created by CISERP carry information about their respective modules, all of the reports are created by setting up the parameters software asks before report generations.


CISERP makes sure the user gets what he asked for.