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Slide CIS ERP Software Demo 360 Views – Always   Real Time updating with current data
  Always easy to track the trends
  Right information for Right person
  Easy to understand
  Multi-dimension views
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  View as per Segregation of Duties
  Exportable to All popular formats
  Easy Page-wise Scrolling
  Ready to Present Presentations
Information at your Finger Tips
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  User friendly operation
  Minimum Data input fields
  Control and Validations
  One source information for all Outputs
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CIS ERP is a Choice of Top Brands for ERP Software in Pakistan


Over a 100+ Customers Trust CISERP Software

Best ERP System in Pakistan

CIS has been providing digital solutions to customers from all around the world since 1988. If you’re searching for a good ERP system that can help your business dynamically turn around to aim for success ensuring efficient and significant changes, you’ve come to the right team of professionals.

While CISERP has been currently servicing 300 + customers, this has only been possible because at CIS we believe in quality assurance and customer satisfaction. Choose from us and aid your business with an experienced team of accredited technical experts that can consult and produce the right ERP software fit for your business.

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How does ERP System help your business grow?

To sum it up in short, CISERP can help your business primarily with Better Efficiency, Increased Productivity, Reduced Inventory Costs, and Better Risk Management. But how is that practically possible? 

Well, with cloud ERP software, repetition and time wastage in a business are reduced to minimal. Processes that require hefty paperwork are produced and sent to the respective department within a click, saving significantly on time costs. Mainly, with a consolidated database, data collection becomes smoother than ever, and the mobility provided with a cloud ERP software helps data outputs remotely anywhere, at any time.

Proper inventory management is as needed for a business as wheels for a vehicle. With accurate data records and limits, ERP software assures a business never deals with inventory wastage risks. You are in full control of your inventory system to move forward with efficiency.

Accumulated, with a connected business, reduced wastage, and proper personnel management help the business ultimately to increase productivity. Better productivity is the stem of a business to boost sales and profits. 

If you choose the right ERP for you, your business can unlock its potential indefinitely. Thankfully, CISERP and the relevant technical team make sure a business always shoots for the moon.

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Shifting to ERP Software in Pakistan

Equipping your business with up-to-date technological advances makes sure you stay competitive in the business. Globalisation has risen competition in every market around the world, pushing businesspersons towards digitalization for better productivity, communication, and management. Staying with on-premises management systems in this day and age makes a business’s profile look unattractive, even if you have a good product. Without a proper resource management system, your company is always a potential risk of flawed management and inefficient decision making.

This is why ERP is a need for businesses now. Not only limited to large scale entities, SMEs (Small and Medium-scale Entities) need a good ERP to achieve successful growth. CISERP ensures your business keeps up with market shifts and changes without any hassle and join the leading businesses of the world.

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    Cloud Web-based vs. Offline Onsite ERP

    CIS provides the best-performing ERP software in Pakistan to improve your business proficiency with advanced reporting tools. We are the most dependable ERP solution providers in Pakistan with a vast clientele of satisfied customers. We offer 2 versions of CIS ERP to our clients.

    CISERP comes with freedom of choice so that you can choose which selection fits the best for your business environment. Both options offer different benefits relevant to various businesses. Here is a summary of what you get with each package, choosing from CIS ERP software.

    To make a well-informed decision, apply for free consultancy  right now!

    CIS ERP software in Pakistan

    CIS Onsite ERP Software

    If you don’t want your business’s privacy and operations to be dependent on Internet access, choose the on-site ERP system. CIS, being the best ERP solutions provider, can deploy an experienced and skilful team to your premises for installation and training of your staff.

    CIS ERP Software Demo Cloud Image

    Cloud ERP Software

    If your primary goal is efficiency and cost-benefit, a cloud ERP system can help the business with more rapid outcomes, a lower cost of ownership, and increased speed, scalability, and flexibility. This enables businesspersons to stay in control even remotely. 

    CIS ERP Features that Help Businesses Grow

    low operating costs

    Low Operating Costs

    CIS ERP can save up to 80% of your IT costs. CIS ERP is the most cost-saving and affordable ERP software in Pakistan, as it is a subscription model – Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) – these costs are reasonable and generally within your company’s budget.


    24/7 Data Availability via Cloud

    CIS ERP is a cloud based software that ensures 24/7 data availability. As long as you have Internet access, all the data and information you need is readily available to you from any location, at any time.


    Data Security

    Cloud ERP software provides solid security to businesses of all sizes. You never have to worry about data as it gets backed up by the cloud vendor, also the system tracks all activities and fully encrypts data stored within the ERP.



    Cloud ERP scales easily, as it adjusts the entire infrastructure to the necessary size for each stage in your development as a company. With onsite infrastructure, scaling can be a costly & complicated aspect of business, so the cloud just simplifies entire process.

    • Hub of All Transaction
    • Flexible chart of accounts
    • Budget controlling
    • Multiple entry option
    • Debit / Credit Notes
    • Business Partners definition
    • Multiple Invoice Options
    • Multiple Payment Options
    • Auto/Manual Tax Calculation
    • Vendors Aging
    • Integrated with Procure to Pay Cycle
    • Business Partners definition
    • Multiple Invoice Options
    • Multiple receipt Options
    • Auto/Manual Tax Calculation
    • Customers Aging
    • Integrated with Order to Sales Cycle
    • Complete vendors details
    • Complete Procure to Pay cycle
    • Request for Quotations
    • Vendor Approval
    • Purchase Order
    • Integrated with Inventory
    • Integrated with Accounts Payable
    • Integrated with GL
    • Complete customers details
    • Complete Order to Cash cycle
    • Delivery Order
    • Dispatches
    • Integrated with Inventory
    • Integrated with Accounts Receivable
    • Integrated with GL
    • Online information about Stock and Pricing
    • Sales orders status tracking.
    • Partial and Multiple Invoicing on underline document
    • Direct Invoicing
    • Stock Goods Receiving
    • Stock Consumptions
    • Stock Transfers
    • Multiple warehouses
    • Stock Adjustment
    • Inventory Aging
    • Fast/slow moving items
    • Minimum stock balance control
    • Integrated with Sales
    • Integrated with Purchases
    • Integrated with GL
    • Asset Cost
    • Asset Disposal
    • Asset Identity
    • Asset Information
    • Asset Process
    • Asset Transfer
    • Asset Type
    • Cost
    • Depreciation policy
    • Depreciation Posting
    • Depreciation Process
    • Period
    • Posting Process
    • Transfer History
    • Fixed Assets Register
    • Assets Addition Report
    • Depreciation History
    • Transfer History
    • Allowances / Deduction
    • Contributions
    • Financial Benefits
    • Non-Financial Benefits
    • Bank/Govt./Loan/PF Reports
    • Bonus
    • Budget
    • Time Management
    • Daily Time cards record for each employee or excel/csv files processing in bulk
    • Designation
    • Employee profile
    • Final Settlements.
    • GL Interface
    • Grading
    • Income Tax Calculation
    • Leaves Adjustments and Balance.
    • Loans management
    • MIS Reports
    • Overtime

    Hear some of our customer success stories

    Why Choose CIS as your reliable ERP vendor

    Founded in 1988, CIS has accomplished a lot through the years focusing primarily on quality assurance and customer satisfaction. Customer validation has fueled our spirit to keep moving forward to provide better and more affordable digital solutions. Here are our featured milestones through the years. 

    • ISO Certified Company
    • Experience: More than 3 decades
    • Resource: Team of 60+ professional
    • Knowledge: Implemented on 1000+ sites
    • Library: 100+ products ready to deliver
    • Technology: .Net/Andriod/IoS and other advance platform
    • Base: More 300 customers
    • Support: Accredited by customers
    • Vibrant: Advance Certification
    • Global: Office and customers in multiple countries
    • Versatility: More than 35 in premises Verticals


    PTIS person

    Premier Tubular Inspection Services (PVT.) Ltd. has been in the inspection and calibration services for over 35 years in multiple countries. We engaged CIS to develop a complete ERP solution along with our technical reporting tool, which had a lot of technical draw backs, such as having it work offline in remote areas and yet be able to sync the data once online.

    CIS Team has been very patient and very technically sound in their approach, therefore it is very easy to recommend them to anyone.

    PTIS logo

    – Zamir Ahmad Khan – Chief Operating Officer;



    Adam Group is working with CIS since 1990, when CIS launched the new web-based ERP  in 2015 We have decided to switch to a new and advance solution, however, due to challenges of our industry like Bulk inventory, measurement on density and temperature we were not sure how this could be done in the system, with the help of CIS we have transform all our operation on the solution and we found it very user friendly and as per our requirements for Core ERP and Lube manufacturing.

    Adam Group

    – Omar Adam – Executive Director;



    “In insurance the Health Insurance Business is highly voluminous; to tackle it we always require a good software solution, we made an intensive search and found some of the vendors already working in insurance industry but we were looking someone who can meet our specific requirements after an extensive search we come across CIS and our team approached them. CIS working along with our team done a very remarkable task, they not only understand our business but provided a solution exactly as per our need and requirements.”

    Tpl Insurance

    – Mr. Hashim Sadiq Ali CFO Of TPL Life Insurance;



    JDW group company is working with CIS since 1992, our group were expanded in 2016 by establishing two new sugar units JK-Unit I and JK Unit II, we started using our legacy software in our newly established units. In 2018 the company has decided to upgrade our Financial System with web-based CIS ERP, to meet the challenges of the era.

    CIS product is a web-based application and it was a big leap for our Business and IT team as we were using a client-server solution. But due to the approach of the CIS implementation team the transformation was smooth and quick, the application is also user friendly and our team has found it very convenient to adopt this change. This application has not only provided a contemporary solution to our organization but also give our team a lot of conveniences and additional features to implement a better check and balance in our operations.

    JDW logo

    – Muhammad Ejaz Senior Manager IT;


    Core ERP

    • General Ledger
    • Account Payable
    • Account Receivable
    • Purchase
    • Sales
    • Inventory
    • Fixed Assets
    • Users: 5

    From 10,000

    .00 /month


    • Features
    • 50 Employee
    • Time Management
    • Leaves Management
    • Loans management
    • MIS Reports
    • Overtime

    From 5000

    .00 /month


    • Min 25 Hours
    • Rs. 3000/ hour
    • Training
    • Master data transportation
    • Opening balances Transportation
    • Chart of Account maintenance guidelines
    • Item Master maintenance guidelines
    • SOD (segregation of responsibility) preparation guidelines

    From 75,000


    CIS ERP Enterprise Version

    • CIS ERP core Modules
    • Import
    • Service
      • Advertising
      • Certification
    • Customization
    • On-Site Implementation
    • Trading
    • Payroll
    • Export
    • Manufacturing
      • Sugar
      • Rice
      • Lube
      • Steel
      • Publishing
      • Fast Food
      • Restaurant


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