Features and functions of human resource management (HRM) module in ERP software 


ERP software is getting popular day by day. Businesses are rapidly adopting ERP software to manage their businesses. 


To manage modern businesses and their problems, ERP software is integrated with advanced management modules.


Human resource management (HRM) is one of these featured modules ERP software uses. Human resources are considered a fundamental pillar of every organization. Businesses are investing millions in the training and development of their human capital. 


In the past, managing human resources was a difficult task. Businesses did not consider human resource management as a separate resource to manage. After the ERP software gets into the management systems, ERP software providers feel an urge to integrate human resource management modules into the system.


On the other hand, businesses appreciate the idea of having different tools to manage HR in their organizations. Not only employers, but employees also appreciate the idea of using a management system to manage their relations with the organizations.


The HRM module in ERP software has tons of features and benefits. With the changing dynamics of every business, the features and use of the HRM module vary.


Features of HRM module in ERP software:


The HRM module of ERP software is featured with different sub-modules. Each of these modules is assigned different resources to perform different tasks.


Submodules of HRM module:

  • Time management
  • Personal administration
  • E-recruitments
  • Reporting
  • Payroll
  • Organizational management


Other than these modules, ERP software also has different versions of HRM modules it includes:


  • Human capital management
  • Human resource information system 


Each of these versions is designed to manage different aspects of HRM. 


Human capital management:


Human capital management is a versatile module. This module is developed to make sure that the company has the right people for the right job. HCM module manages: 


  • Hiring
  • Recruiting 
  • Compensation
  • Development
  • Succession planning


HCM is used by HR managers to keep a record of every employee for compensation and development. Moreover, it keeps records of the whole process of hiring and recruiting.  


Human resource information system (HRIS) module:


Like its name, HRIS manages all the data collected from employees. HRIS keeps a record of every employee, its payrolls, processes benefits, and development opportunities. Other than that, HRIS also keeps a record of employees’ leaves and performance reviews. 


Submodules of HRM module in ERP software:

Time management module:


The time management module manages employees’ time at the company. It includes keeping a record of the time an employee arrived at the company to the time it leaves. The time management module can also keep a record of scheduled meetings or any other such event.


The data recorded by this module is used by HR managers to manage payrolls, bonuses, and other compensations.


Personnel administration module:


The personal administration module works along with every employee. It keeps a record of their personnel tasks and duties. Moreover, the personal administration module allows employees to manage their activities assigned by the company.


E-recruitments module:


Recruitment is another important task an HRM module performs. E-recruitment helps managers in recruiting internal and external employees regardless of geographical constraints. It keeps a record of every detail during the recruitment process.

Reporting module:


Reporting module helps HR managers in generating reports regarding individual employees and of the whole department.


The report contains demographic information of employees. 


Payroll module:


The payroll module manages the payrolls of the employees. This module can work along with other modules like the time management module to adjust payrolls with absences or leaves. 

Organizational management module:


The organizational management module helps managers to observe the whole organizational structure at once. This module works with all other modules to analyze all of them at once.


Functions of HRM module in ERP software:


As discussed above, the HRM module functions to assist  HR managers. HRM module is developed to bring ease and automation in managing the human resources of the company.  


Some of the most highlighted functions of the HRM module includes:


  • Recording basic demographic data
  • Observe and supervise the recruiting process
  • Training and development of employees
  • Talent management
  • Produce paychecks and payroll reports


Recording basic demographic data:


The basic function of the HRM module in ERP software is to record employees’ data. The data includes demographic data, education status, and other related data required by companies. 


Observe and supervise the recruiting process:


Recruiting and hiring is a basic functions of HR managers. HRM module helps managers in the recruiting process. It supervises the whole process by recording data and creating performance evaluation reports. 


These reports and recorded data are used by managers throughout the process in selecting the right employee for the job.


Training and development of employees:


Companies are investing money to create opportunities for their employees. Among those opportunities training and development is a key process. ERP software is used for this purpose.


As this process includes the human resources of the company, the HRM module is the feature used by ERP software.


Talent management:


Talent management is another crucial task the HRM module performs. The HRM module manages that the right person is working at the right spot. 


Produce paychecks and payroll reports:


Paychecks and payroll reports are generated from the data collected by different submodules. HR managers use the HRM module to automate the generation of payroll reports and paychecks.


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