Rapid ERP Implementation – A Need for Successful Businesses

In this day of age, it is immensely important for succeeding businesses to minimize any time wastage. The global trends have set competition in markets that can only be met with efficiency and fast operations. Any delays or stoppages in operations of the biggest of companies can lead to losses which you may never be able to return. Hence, to succeed in this situation, your business needs to be as productive and efficient as it can. A Cloud ERP can be very useful in this matter.

While the primary motive of an ERP software is resource management, one of the most important secondary benefits of Cloud ERP systems is the minimized time wastage throughout the business.

Good ERP software creates an information hub for the business. This speeds up almost every operation in the business as there are no communication barriers i.e. no floor time needed to acquire information from other departments. 

The whole business is connected remotely to a single server. Not only limited to a single branch but even multinational companies or groups are dealt similarly with a Cloud ERP. Thousands of employees connected.

But here comes the real concerning question: What about the time needed for a successful ERP implementation? Many popular ERP implementation stories show a good ERP implementation can take even more than a year. This would require many hours of time and availability for a business that could risk them with their efficiency in normal operations.

However, don’t worry. CISERP recognizes the need for fast and good ERP implementation. By serving customers since 1988, our experience with thousands of customers and their feedback has enabled us to create the perfect Cloud ERP software, CISERP. 

Simultaneously, we brag the fastest ERP Implementation plan that comes along with your Cloud ERP: Rapid 25 Hours ERP Implementation!

Rapid Cloud ERP Implementation Plan – 25 Hours

By working hard for years upon customer feedback, CISERP brings you the most efficient, polished, and successful ERP Implementation Plan. 

This ERP Implementation Plan is the quickest way to acquire a Cloud ERP and get it ready to use. No other ERP providers come even close to this much efficiency.

The Rapid Cloud ERP Implementation framework is as follows: 

fastest cloud erp implementation plan

Rapid Cloud ERP Implementation Plan

The framework is divided between the standard hours that take from both parties. As shown below, the total time from CIS ERP consultants will be 25 hours, while the customer’s business needs to apportion around 52 hours of their time.

The first steps of ERP implementation would require creating a database for your business. This refers to creating a Chart of Accounts (Accounts to be affected and their codes), and other master data. 2 Hours of on site training from our professional ERP team will enable your business to create the complete database within 8 hours. 

Once that is done, 2 hours of ERP team will enable proofreading and uploading all data to the cloud. This ensures end level approval, double verification, and no margin of errors, and is done remotely. A standard 8 hours are required for the business to verify that everything is working correctly.

Then comes the step for updating your Cloud ERP database with the current information of your business situation right now. This refers to creating and uploading the Opening Balances of your business. This task also takes a 2 step approach for end level approval. 

2 hours of on site training enables the client to prepare all opening balances within 12 hours, standardly. Upload this data from our hand would take 5 hours, while verification from the customer’s end takes around 16 hours. 

The rest is just polishing up your ERP modules, and is done on site. This accumulates to 13 hours of on site work and concludes the ERP implementation from our end. The customer takes a Hand On verification time of around 8 hours to ensure everything is done right.

Any extra hours of training are charged at an affordable rate of 3000/hr.

You will notice, even with such a quick cloud ERP implementation plan, the framework ensures efficiency. Every task is verified with end level approvals to ensure no margin for error.

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The Best Cloud ERP in Pakistan

Best erp software in pakistan

After knowing the Cloud ERP Implementation Plan, you need to know why our Cloud ERP is the best ERP Software available.

CISERP isn’t primarily a popular ERP software just for its innovative ERP implementation plans, but also because of the quality of our product.

While most popular ERP systems are equipped with only an On Premise ERP option, CISERP provides you with two options to choose from: Cloud ERP and On Premise ERP. Both are integrated with the cloud so both ways you can access your web based ERP software remotely.

Our Cloud ERP is also the most featureful ERP in the market, which makes it the most useful. Businesses can benefit with better efficiency and productivity when the ERP they use is one of the best! 

The most popular features that make CISERP stand out from other ERPs, and sows roots for positive customer feedback and satisfaction, are as follows:

  • Chart Of Accounts divisions to up to 10 levels (at most only 3 levels are provided by most ERP providers)
  • Vertical Integration with subsidiaries, multiple projects, products, or by-product business
  • Business Partners
  • End Level Approval
  • Easy and Efficient expenses summaries with Cost Center/Location/Department divisions

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