ERP with a General Ledger and Accounting Management

ERP with General Ledger and Accounting management is essential for businesses. It is important to know where the company stands financially. An ERP with a General ledger and Accounting management helps you keep track of all the company finances.


CISERP comes up with the idea of Software as a Service (SaaS) for businesses. Businesses need their financial status all the time to make decisions that are profitable for them. With general ledger and accounts management in ERP, it helps in accessing real-time data and making quick decisions when needed.

General Ledger In ERP

General Ledger is the heart of an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system’s finance package. Through integrations with business modules, logistics, and accounts sub-ledger, a General ledger helps a business with all accounts and finance details.


You can manage different accounts payable, and receivable. You can manage all the cash details. You can manage account details for finance reports. The most important benefit of General Ledger is its ability to update sub-ledgers in real-time and save the companies from time consumption.

How does ERP with a General Ledger and Accounting Management work?

Information provided by General Ledger is useful for stakeholders, investors, creditors, and other interested parties. Moreover, General Ledger in an ERP can be designed in such a way that it provides reports to stakeholders, investors, and other parties and makes decisions accordingly. 


CIS ERP with a General Ledger and Accounting Management modules provides complete ease to use. It is designed to simplify the business’s needs. General Ledger and accounting reports help businesses to make timely and effective decisions.


For example, if there is a sudden increase in the company’s expenses,  you will look into the general ledger. If there will be a mistake in accounts, a single accountant will be called to rectify the business mistake. This is how ERP with General Ledger and Accounting Management will solve all the business problems.


Benefits of ERP with General Ledger and Accounting Management – Modules of ERP

In the financial world, there are many chances of errors with numbers. General Ledger helps businesses to find accuracy and rectify the errors without much time consumption. There are benefits with using General Ledger of ERP;

Profit Tracking

The most important benefit of ERP with General Ledger is profit realization. Tracking profits helps in utilizing resources in a better way. It also helps in tracking where more of your profit is coming from. 


The profit tracker uses accounts receivable and cash to track accurate profits. Some programs like CIS ERP help you with the most accurate and affordable General Ledger module.

Financial Management

Some tools in an ERP helps in managing accounts. Keeping a track of cash in and cash out. It also helps in profit/loss balance sheets. ERP changes the way by providing complete ease to businesses with accounting modules.


It helps in realizing all the profits and managing business expenses more efficiently. Moreover, it helps in keeping a track of all your finances and the money spent.

Managing Ledgers

An ERP’s basic importance is that it helps in managing the company’s resources effectively. Although the primary task of the ledger is to provide the company’s financial record it also integrates customer relationship management and inventory management modules. All-in-all it helps in managing the business effectively.


You can track, manage, and edit anything in the general ledgers. The best thing is you can manage everything such as liabilities, assets, expenses, income, profits, etc. under one umbrella.


An ERP with General Ledger and Accounting Management will provide timely reports of all the enterprise resources. These reports will provide insights into a business and also help in decision-making.

These reports will include

  • Different General Ledger Audit Trails
  • Trial balances, Profit/loss balance sheets.
  • Income Statements from Accounting management will include details about the budget and actual incomes, account numbers, and a comparison between this year or month to the last year or month.

CIS ERP with General Ledger and Account Management

CIS ERP helps in the complete management of accounts and the company’s finances. Moreover, it provides proper reporting that helps in managing business decisions.


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