ERP software; solution to modern supply chain problems


The global supply chain suffers from the COVID-19 pandemic. Businesses face new problems that they had never faced before. Necessity being the mother of invention, think tanks sat together to formulate solutions for these problems.  


ERP software came up being the most reliable and effective solution to supply chain problems. The global supply chain is recovering from major setbacks since 2020, prices of commodities are going up. The global economy is facing one of the largest inflation rallies ever recorded; all because of supply chain disruptions.


These problems are mainly caused by the lack of use of technology and automation in global supply chain setups. 


The five major supply chain problems include:

  • Evolving consumer trends
  • Use of outdated systems
  • High cost of operation
  • Shortage of materials
  • Economic vulnerability towards supply shocks 


Evolving consumer trends:


Consumer trends are rapidly evolving around the globe. The global supply chain is not keeping up with those trends.  

The time-consuming process and high cost of shipping have disrupted the balance between consumer trends and the supply chain. 

Businesses tried to balance this equation with all possible means, but it seems to be a difficult task. 


Use of outdated systems:


Another major problem is the use of outdated systems to control the global supply chain. Lags and slow execution of procedures contribute more to this problem.

Many companies and countries tried to update old systems with updated systems. But they failed because the entire system needed an update.



High cost of operation:


Cost of operation is the major problem. Operating a smooth and fast model for the supply chain is an expensive process. 

Because of the high cost of operation, the commodity price increased causing higher inflation.  


Shortage of material:


Shortage of material is causing an increase in prices and intensive supply-side shocks. The causes of the shortage are different.

The dependency of one industry upon another is also contributing to a shortage of material.


Economic vulnerability towards supply shocks:


During the pandemic, developed economies seem vulnerable to supply shocks. Countries suffer broad-based inflationary pressures. 

The vulnerability shows the intensity of supply chain problems in the global economy.



ERP software; modern solution to a modern problem:


ERP software is the answer to the question, how to solve supply chain problems. Technological advancements in modern-day business activities are a proven success. 

Data-driven decision-making, trends, and forecast analysis helped businesses to dismantle the old sluggish supply chain mechanisms with modern-day technology.  

ERP software features different modules, the supply chain management module is one of the most crucial modules of ERP software. This module can formulate and manage a business’s supply chain. The ERP software analyzes the data to help managers with decision-making.

Other than that, ERP software is also integrated with

  • CRM (customer relationship management) 
  • Inventory management
  • FRM (financial resource management)


 These modules are designed to resolve the supply chain problems mentioned above.  


An efficient way to forecast:


Before ERP software, decision-making was a manual process. Managers make decisions based on their judgment and experience. But in today’s world, the time has changed.

There are mathematical and statistical tools to analyze the data business generates. All of these tools are featured in ERP software. ERP software generates data analysis reports that help managers in analyzing their decisions market dynamics.

Moreover, forecasting future trends and maintaining sufficient supply to keep up with the demand is also a task ERP performs.

There are certain types and generations of ERP that can automate the supply chain according to the demand chain.


Managing Inventories:


For supply chain management, inventory management is a key variable. ERP software helps businesses manage their inventories. 

Moreover, it also categorizes different sections to easily monitor trends and in-demand items. 


CISERP; best ERP software provider in Pakistan:


Supply chain problems are a major contributor to inflation and product scarcity in Pakistan. Unlike developed economies, the supply chain system in Pakistan is traditional and vulnerable to small shocks.

To solve these problems CIS design a unique cloud-based ERP software in Pakistan. This ERP software is capable of solving major problems of the supply chain.