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ERP Can Grow Your Business With Intelligent Business Operations!

CIS Software house has developed market needed ERP Software in Pakistan to match modern day business management needs. With over 30 years of experience and presence in 10+ countries internationally, We are a trusted software provider for ERP software in Pakistan. 

With CIS ERP accounting software you can scale your business with implausible performance. Our Core ERP assists businesses owners and decision-makers to plan better business strategies, predict and provide an authentic report of the financial report of your financial health.


erp software in pakistan

CIS ERP is #1 ERP Software in Pakistan

CIS Software house has developed market needed ERP Software in Pakistan to match modern day business management needs. With over 30 years of experience and presence in 10+ countries internationally, We are a trusted software provider for ERP software in Pakistan. 

CISERP is the ultimate business management and communication tool for any and all businesses, developed by CIS Software House. Filled to the brim with featureful Accounting, HR, Inventory, and Industrial modules, CISERP takes care of all the operations running in a business, smoothly. Produced with intelligent and efficient processing, equip your business with the best technological equipment that ensures growth and success, only with the best ERP Software in Pakistan: CISERP.

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ERP Software in Pakistan - A need for Pakistani Businesses

Pakistan is one of the most blooming countries in Asia for industrial success. The country hosts millions of businesses, large and small-scale, that have been actively working for the growth of the country for many years.  Today, we see the country developed with such an enticing and improved industrial structure, that it hosts thousands of global and multinational organizations!

However, there is still an obstacle seen for businesses residing in Pakistan. Trends show businesses limited to their scale with minimal or slow growth, trapped in management complexities. The ever-growing global demand failed to meet without proper operational strategies that achieve growth and success. There is a lack of support for businesses to take the step forward and join the leading global businesses in the world. That step is technological improvements.

Unfortunately, Pakistan was never so well equipped as was the world, with intelligent and fast IT solutions and digital software that can keep up with the swift running of businesses. Large organizations, still seen to be paper-based, are drowned by heaps of slow paperwork being filled at the cost of their competitive advantage.

This was until ERP Software in Pakistan was introduced in the country. CISERP, one of the leading and most trusted ERP software in Pakistan, provides the ultimate tool of solution for businesses of any scale to grow and expand into a success story.

ERP software in Pakistan is the most reliable solution for businesses in Pakistan to smoothen out their daily processes, achieve proficiency in management, and be informed with decision making analytics that helps them be the leading businesses of Pakistan.

How ERP Software Helps Businesses?

ERP software in Pakistan enables businesses to achieve their full potential, and get on the right track of running operations smoothly, which leads to a path of success. 

The Core ERP of CISERP aids businesses, their stakeholders, and their owners to plan better and implement productive decision-making strategies, allowing them to predict, control, and compete better. 

Moreover, the personnel of the business is provided with an assistive and powerful platform featured with an informative and updated database that helps them boost productivity and make the business’s operations run smoother and more efficiently.

An insightful view in the business aids decision-makers to achieve more with limited resources in a business, while automation and rapid processing produce a boost in a company’s profitability and productivity.

ERP software in Pakistan can be used to aid management, reform data collection activities, and minimize wastage of time. The Core ERP enhances database management, financial management, payroll and personnel management, and sales and marketing.

Easier Accounting


Project Management

Risk Management

Clients Compliance

Supply Chain Operations

Trading value of ERP software in Pakistan

ERP software in Pakistan greatly influences today’s business as it aligns different departments in business and improves workflow. Its business benefits include:

ERP minimizes functional costs in all aspects of a business

ERP software increases efficiency by creating a well-organized processing framework

ERP maintains regulatory work and ensures transparency in each department

ERP provides deep analytics and in-depth reports in and out of the business

Financial Modules of ERP helps business finance to be better regulated, controlled and made more productive through analytical reporting

All business data is secured on the cloud, preventing any risk to the business’ integrity by any possible damage, obsoletion, or theft of data.

A powerful ERP database enables data sharing between stakeholders and eases the creation of documents for different users e.g. Requisitions, GRNs, Purchase Orders.

The uniformity and digitization of processes in an ERP enable minimizing operational, management, and administration costs.

The business is run with no margin for errors, supervised by intelligent ERP software in Pakistan

Why CIS ERP is the first choice for ERP Software in Pakistan

About CIS

Computer Information Services (Pvt.) Limited (CIS) was established in 1988 Its objective is to dedicate its efforts in providing Software, Hardware & Networking Services both to the public & private sectors of the country for more than a decade. The staff of CIS is comprised of a group of highly skilled professionals holding Bachelors’s & Masters’s degrees in Computer Science and Engineering.

Our Goal


We are fully concerned about maintaining the high quality of our applications and software, especially ERP software in Pakistan. Our mission is to provide technological solutions that promote customer efficiency, growth, And progress while having in mind customers’ demands and resources.

Learn more about CIS ERP software in Pakistan

CIS Software company has alwasy aimed for excellence with its ERP software and CIS is providing more advanced features and characteristics.

To date, Several businesses have used our ERP accounting software in Pakistan. Our focus is on understand their business complexity and providing the best support and ERP software upgrades on a regular cycle. We provide after-sales support and a regular ERP accounting software update option. 

Low Operating Cost


24/7 Data Availability

Data Security

 In order to streamline your business operation, CIS ERP is divided into different modules and each module is addressing an important segment in your business. These modules include:

General Ledger

Inventory Module

Fixed asset module

Purchase module accounts module

Reasons to Use CIS ERP software in Pakistan

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Modernize your financial system

The profitability of a business depends directly on financial control and decision making. Better investments of cash flows and profits lead the business to achieve success. ERP software in Pakistan helped revolutionize the traditional financial framework that exists within businesses in the country.

Streamline & Automate your Business

Ensure proficiency and productivity in each operation of your business. ERP software in Pakistan enables businesses to smoothen out their core processes, while achieving a nil margin for error, with complete accuracy and precision.

Repeated tasks are completely automated with ERP, replacing hundreds of costly labour hours, while all tasks are enhanced and boosted to their full potential productivity with the advantage of AI processing in modern ERP software in Pakistan.

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erp accounting reporting

Better Business Analytics

To achieve a big name in a market, it is important for businesses to emphasize on long term decision making. ERP software in Pakistan enables this productive activity to accurate predictions and aid of complete control.

By centralizing a company’s database into ERP, managers and owners can generate faster and accurate financial and management reports, with complete information and additions of visual presentations that make the data more informative. 

These reports help owners create excellent decisions for the business, while weekly summaries and regular short term reports enable managers to keep these goals under control.

Industrial significance of CIS ERP software in Pakistan


Hospitality industry

Non-profit organizations

Distribution and manufacturing

Construction company

Easy Pricing Plans

ERP software in Pakistan is an ultimate need for the industrial environment of the country to achieve a successful change. Enabling this change with CISERP is the ultimate goal of CIS. However, this transition requires ease of access and affordability to ERP software prices in Pakistan to aid businesses to take the leap forward.

CIS ensures this by tagging CISERP to minimal and reasonable ERP prices. We believe quality and affordability, together, create the best ERP software in Pakistan.


Rs.5000 / month
  • Features
  • 50 Employee
  • Time Management
  • Leaves Management
  • Loans management
  • MIS Reports
  • Overtime

Core ERP

Rs.10000 / month
  • General Ledger
  • Account Payable
  • Account Receivable
  • Sales
  • Purchase
  • Inventory
  • Fixed Assets
  • Users: 5


Rs.75,000 / month
  • Min 25 Hours
  • Rs. 3000/ hour
  • Training
  • Master data transportation
  • Opening balances Transportation
  • Chart of Account maintenance guidelines
  • Item Master maintenance guidelines
  • SOD (segregation of responsibility) preparation guidelines

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