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ERP Software in Lahore

Before highlighting the need for ERP software in Lahore, firstly we need to draw a clear picture of Lahore’s economic status. Lahore counts as the largest city of Punjab and the second-largest financial hub of Pakistan. Lahore has industrial areas like Kot Lakhpat and the new Sundar Industrial Estate (near Raiwind).

Lahore has an estimated GDP of $84 billion (recorded in 2019) and is expected to grow to be $102 billion by the year 2025. Lahore holds the country’s largest software-producing centres and owns a growing computer assembler industry. In recent decades, Lahore has shifted from manufacturing to service industries. About 42% of its work strength is engaged in finance, banking, real estate, community, cultural, and social services.

erp software in lahore

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Business Challenges

The growth of the business is itself a challenge for business owners. Things become more complicated when it comes to a manufacturing industry or factory because now the network expands and so is the work burden and responsibilities. The pandemic of covid19 also increases the difficulties and decreases the productivity ratio. The current business challenges include:

Doubt about the future

Financial control

Monitoring performance

Management and compliance

Competencies and recruiting the right talent

Erupting Data

Customer service

Tackling Expansion Challenges with ERP Software in Lahore

With so many thriving businesses in Lahore, it is a surprise to see not many of these businesses are known as leaders of the industry. Recognizing the issues that these businesses face, limiting their potential to succeed forward, CIS Software House launches the most powerful ERP software in Lahore.

With CIS ERP Software in Lahore, businesses are aimed to be helped and assisted for tackling problems that come with expansion. CIS’s goal is to provide technical solutions that create ease in the business market and enable industries to compete better and be the leading businesses of the world. The main issues dealt with expansion and how ERP in Lahore helps against them are as follows:

Communication: Large businesses span around larger premises, even segregated into branches, and involve a large number of employees. CIS ERP helps with managing businesses on a larger scale by providing a shared database of the business that gets updated on Real-Time basis. Using ERP software, each person can stay connected with each other and be informed. Cumulatively, the Payroll Module of CIS ERP Software in Lahore helps evaluating payroll for each employee.

Management: Expansion comes with more responsibility. More responsibilities of a business include more operations, more finances, and more inventories to deal with. CIS ERP helps integrate business processes through automation for repeated processes, while all operations can be overseen by management in Real Time. Inventory Module helps keep track of each inventory at stake to the business, while the powerful Financial Module keeps a record for each and every penny that comes into the business.

Decision Making: At a large scale, businesses need to be more efficient and competitive. To stay in a market at the top,  businesses require rapid decision making that proves to be productive. With CIS ERP software in Lahore, management can communicate faster, access accurate data, and report more accurately. The Reporting Module of CIS ERP system can generate hundreds of user-specific reports.

Increasing Demand for ERP Software in Lahore

 The developing economy and business status of Lahore demands a smart solution for smoothening the workflow and increasing business growth with productivity. ERP software in Lahore is a perfect choice to get over business hurdles and reduce the work burden. 

Textile Industry

ERP software in Lahore helps textile clients to increase their sales turnover and maintain quality criteria for shipping along with warehouse executives and e-commerce efficiently.

Rice Industry

Rice companies possess much importance in the country as it is engaged to fulfill the nutritional requirements of the country’s fast-growing population. ERP software in Lahore provides its assistance to the rice sector for managing their purchasing processes more smoothly and maintaining control over the quality. It also ensures good coordination across multiple locations.

Steel Companies

ERP software in Lahore grants the possibility to steel companies to achieve strong acquisition, efficient raw materials management, and excellent quality control.

Chemical Industry

Chemical industries provide a variety of raw materials in form of chemicals to other industries such as the pharmaceutical industry, textile industry, etc. Chemical companies indirectly influence the business status of almost all companies. ERP software in Lahore allows these industries to improve productivity,  intellectual property management,  timely reporting, and quality assurance.

CIS - The Leading ERP Software Provider in Lahore

CIS Software House in Pakistan is a leading software company that designs a powerful business tool in form of ERP software.

The goal of CIS Software House was to address the local problems faced by businesses in Pakistan. A good lack of proper technology was found to be one of the main hurdles that businesses couldn’t come across. In an effort to minimize technical problems, an intelligent ERP software was very much needed. This could only be created with heavy market research and customer feedback on existing businesses, that CIS Software House then indulged in.

Finally, CIS Software House took the initiative to launch its very own ERP software in Lahore and resolve the business problems in a technical manner. This ERP Software was created to perfection after a long strive of efforts, while to maintain quality CIS enabled customer support with the software to keep up with new feedback that the use of ERP generates, and update the software accordingly. These efforts made it possible for CIS to proudly hold the label for being the best ERP provider in Lahore.

The CIS ERP System is divided into different modules and each module addresses an important segment in streamlining your business. Below is an in-depth analysis on each module. 

Benefits of Core ERP Software in Lahore

1. General Ledger Module

This module is the nucleus of the finance package of an ERP system. Its important function is a real-time update of the sub-ledgers within. CIS ERP is the only ERP software in Lahore to enable creation of 10 sub-ledgers to each ledger (no limit) It also provides summarized data to assist in planning, control, and decision making.

ERP Accounting GL
ERP boost in sales

2. Sales Module

This module is tightly combined with other modules like Inventory, A/C Receivables etc. It offers detailed order to cash sales mechanics for your business. It helps in the complicated tasks that include sales commissions setup, discounts process, and sales checklist.

3. Fixed Assets Module

This module is further divided into other categories on the basis of Asset type and location. It maintains net book and tax value of each asset with various types of adjustments on adjustable frequencies such as annual depreciation, disposals, revaluations etc.

cash flow management erp
procurement erp

4. Purchase Module

Purchase module automates the procure to pay (P2P) process. It is integrated with inventory control to streamline the process of identifying potential suppliers in negotiating prices, awarding purchase orders to the supplier, and billing processes

5. Accounts Module

The accounts module consists of both the payable and receivable modules. Accounts module empowers you to manage payments, improve cash flow, and control the cash receiving cycle.

erp accounting reporting
erp reporting lahore

6. Reports and MIS

ERP software in Lahore comes with the most comprehensive ERP reporting functionalities including Reports and MIS. It enables you to observe with full control on how your company performs and the position it currently is on.

Better access to customer information

Faster response times

Improved on-time delivery

Improved order accuracy

Enhanced customer service

Retaining and attracting customers is the number one priority for every business. 

CIS ERP software in Lahore allows business companies and industries to better their customer service by giving:

Successful Clients

CIS ERP software in Lahore has successfully satisfied the following clients not only in Lahore but also in other cities of Punjab (Multan,  Bahawalpur etc.). These clients are wholeheartedly convinced of the efficiency of the ERP system and favor the use of the ERP system in Lahore by more businesses.