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ERP Software in Islamabad

Islamabad is the capital city of Pakistan. Being the main centre of all the major political activities of Pakistan, it becomes a place of interest for business owners to take new initiatives. Different types of industries and brands want to open their outlets in the capital city of Pakistan for their business growth and expansion. With the purpose of providing assistance to new entrepreneurs, the CIS software company has launched its ERP software in Islamabad. This is a new initiative for the business industry in Islamabad and a positive step to strengthen the economy of Islamabad. Let’s discuss more on how you benefit from CIS ERP software in Islamabad.

best erp software in islamabad

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The Economic Status of Islamabad

Even though Islamabad is the capital of Pakistan, it has only 0.8% of the country’s population. With this small percentage of the population, still, its contribution to Pakistan’s GDP is 1%. Islamabad shows an expansion in information and communications technology.

The recent trends of businesses in Pakistan have shown the location of Islamabad is of big interest to businesses. Small and medium sized businesses that grow out in other cities have a goal of opening in Islamabad as their next step. But with such a low population, why does Islamabad attract so many businessmen?

This is because Islamabad is the most developed city in Pakistan. The population that Islamabad hosts mainly belong to good political and business backgrounds. While the population is less than in other cities, the purchasing power of these people is numerously high! The GDP per Capita of Islamabad is $1423.

Another interesting fact is that Islamabad also attracts foreigners. Being a developed city, most people or/and organizations wish to stay in Islamabad. This automatically brings more money and entrepreneurial power to the city.

This economic and social situation makes businesses hungry to run in a developed city. The infrastructure and facilities are optimal for large businesses to run, while the political and business minded power is also high.

The biggest of businesses, universities, food chains, and multinational companies are resided in Islamabad. 

Most of Pakistan’s state-owned companies are based in Islamabad like:

Pakistan International Airlines




Industries Using ERP Software in Islamabad

Pharmaceutical Industry

The pharma industry of Islamabad is one of the most important business structure in the city. With valuable personalities present in the city, the pharmaceutical industry needs to provide high quality products to meet with the demand. Islamabad has over 30 pharmaceutical companies, all providing primal services, most of which use good ERP software in Islamabad. that include both local and multinational organizations. ERP software in Islamabad for these departments tends to assist in a variety of operational functions like:

Monitor patients records

Reduce the margin for errors

Increased accuracy

Maintain patient profiles electronically 

Quick data access to counter emergencies

Easy and efficient bed/ward management

Hospitality Industry

The hospitality industry in Islamabad is known to be the most developed in the country. With many important personalities residing in the city, and foreigners visiting frequently, and many students residing in hostels is universities in Islamabad, the hotels/hostels situated in the city need to be well managed, efficient, quality employed, and provide all their services in the most proficient way. Hospitality management is very complex, however. With ERP software in Islamabad, the hotels, motels, and hostels in the city are equipped with a powerful tool that makes management of hundreds of customers daily extremely easy.

Cloud based ERP services


Hotel rooms/beds management

Easier room-wise management and reports

Rapid ERP Implementation Plan



Food Chains

The food industry is the most popular business domain in Islamabad as it supplies provides the residents and visitors of Islamabad with good places to dine in or order food from. These include restaurants that are visited frequently by foreigners and locals for recreational activities. With much love from customers, the industry maintains its attractiveness with delicious products and good management which works for customer satisfaction. The food industry is a good candidate to utilize the ERP software in Islamabad.

Improved quality management during the production and packaging phase

Handled supplier details

Improve the method of supply chain management

Increase productivity & Reduce cost 

Maintain quality of food

Super Stores

The superstore industry functions to generate retail solutions to customers with the provision of hundreds of thousands of products, every day. It strengthens the economy of the country in several ways. Most super stores situated in Islamabad are home based and have grown to be leading large scale businesses now. Especially in a city where high purchasing power customers demand a lot, retail super stores need to be well equipped with technological solutions. ERP software In Islamabad gives a wide range of services to the retail industry which includes:

Improved overall operational efficacy

Automate repeated business processes

Integrate various inventories

Quick and accurate real-time access to information

Benefits of ERP Software in Islamabad

ERP Software is a need for leading businesses situated in Islamabad. As the demand for quality assurance is higher than ever, emphasized by being situated in the most elite city of Pakistan, businesses need to refer towards technological solutions.

Technological solutions are seen to be structuring businesses all around the world more and more over time. ERP software in Islamabad is a big example of this. As with rise to digitization and globalization, companies need to be faster, more efficient, productive, and of course at the end of the day profitable, technological software can help the business with these demands.

Specifically, ERP Software in Islamabad helps businesses of any industry maintain better management, make operations more efficient, and create good structure of communication within departments. Some of the benefits of Core ERP Software in Islamabad include: 

Technical tools that offer better supervision and control over operations.

Better human resources, as the labor involved in a business is the root for success and need to be efficient and productive.

Easier and clearer accounting which can be simplified enough for users while at the same time show all the complex data and analytics to other users.

And, lastly, useful reporting that reflect the performance and position of the business.

Here are some of the most popularly used benefits, in detail, loved by users of CIS ERP Software in Islamabad:

Improved Business Reporting

ERP software in Islamabad provides better reporting tools with real-time information. It provides an integrated database for all business processes and supplies them in the format of hundreds of useful and use-specific reports

erp accounting reporting

Better access to customer information

Faster response times

Improved on-time delivery

Improved order accuracy

Enhanced Customer Service

ERP system allows business companies and industries for better customer retention and customer attraction strategies by giving:

Improved Cash Flow

ERP software in Islamabad enables the easy handling of cash as it provides better collection tools to bring cash in faster. It means more cash on hand for business, aided by various cash flow reports that show better opportunities of investing and bringing in more cash to the business

cash flow management erp
efficient workflow erp

Efficiency in Business Processes

The basic purpose of launching ERP software in Islamabad is to improve the overall efficiency of a business process. It includes automation of routine work and implementation of smarter workflows to get efficiency.

Supply Chain Management

ERP software provides assistance to supply chain management for a number of operational tasks such as establishing effective demand, forecasting and lean inventory. Additionally, ERP software in Islamabad works to reduce production bottlenecks and increase transparency through the business

supply chain erp

Get your hands on the most efficient ERP in Islamabad

The modern problems of business need modern solutions to solve the issue without creating more hurdles. With this consideration, the CIS software company has launched its professional and multitasking ERP software in Islamabad. If you are in search of convenient and reliable software to smooth the workflow and increase productivity, then we cordially welcome you to try us and learn more on why CIS Software House is the best ERP software provider in Islamabad.

CIS ERP software in Islamabad is a new initiative to support business growth as well as strengthen the economy of the capital city of Pakistan. ERP software is a smart solution to typical business problems like chances of errors, keen eye to observe the business operations, financial control, and so on. Get more detailed information about ERP software in Islamabad with a single click


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