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ERP Software House in Pakistan

What is an ERP Software House?

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. ERP has been used by businesses for business management for decades, while the most recent version of it is with an ERP software. 

An ERP Software House, on the other hand, is a company that designs and launches ERP software with advanced features as per the needs of clients and customers. The software house acts as an ERP provider. The ERP software provides integrated management for the main business process such as collecting, storing, and managing data for various business activities. 

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What are the responsibilities of ERP Software in Pakistan?

An ERP software house in Pakistan is responsible to develop a good ERP software that provides the following benefits to its clients in Pakistan:

Focused IT expenses

Total visibility

Flexible modularity

Improved efficiency

Data quality and security

Advanced workflows and collaboration

Improved planning and reporting

Excellent scalability

Standardized business processes

Facilitated regulatory compliance

Why choosing a good ERP Software House in Pakistan is an important decision?

Unlike most IT solutions, the importance of choosing a good ERP provider is important when it comes to buying an ERP software for your company. ERP software is a long term solution for your business that lasts forever. Companies in Pakistan need to look for an ERP software house in Pakistan that is always supervising the software they provide. An ERP provider needs to hold full responsibility for ensuring the software is run efficiently forever.

The first step to getting an ERP is ERP Implementation. Unlike other IT software, ERP Implementation is very vast and time consuming. A good ERP software house in Pakistan can help a business get done with a successful ERP implementation in a matter of months, while others may take years. One of the most innovative features of CIS Core ERP is the Rapid ERP Implementation Plan we introduced. 

Once you’re done with ERP Implementation, a good ERP software house in Pakistan will take measures to ensure you are happy with the service and the software is working at maximum capacity. This is done by the CIS ERP software house in Pakistan by collecting regular feedback from clients, updating the software as per feedback, updating the software as per global requirements/changes, and providing demos per each update.

Lastly, a good ERP software house in Pakistan will take care of your expenditures on the ERP system. By providing various options of ERP (Cloud and In-Premise), and easy payment methods at affordable rates, CIS ERP software house in Pakistan enables every business in Pakistan to take the step forward and become a leading business by integrating their business management to the best ERP software in Pakistan: CISERP.

Welcome to the Largest ERP Software House in Pakistan

Why choose CIS - The leading ERP Software House in Pakistan

Computer Information Services (Pvt.) Limited (CIS) was founded in 1988 with an objective to answer the increasing need for IT solutions for businesses. We have been providing software and hardware solutions for both public and private sector consumers for almost 3+ decades. Our software are powering major industries and stores in Pakistan.

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About Our Team

CIS ERP software house in Pakistan is comprised of a group of highly skilled professionals holding highly regarded (Bsc. & Msc.) degrees in Computer Sciences and Engineering. The ERP consultants hired by us are of the highest competence level and possess thorough academic knowledge and practical experience.

CIS has a team of 30+ dedicated and deeply skilled IT professionals who work in the development center in Pakistan and are currently serving over 50+ companies, incorporating flexibility, and emphasizing creativity, working together to bring our customers world-class IT services and solutions.

Our specialized ERP software house in Pakistan includes a team of skilled and certified professionals.

Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP)

 Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE)

Microsoft Certified Product Specialist (MCPS)

Oracle Certified Professional (OCP) 

Get Free ERP Consultation for your ERP Software Requirements

CIS ERP Software House in Pakistan is the only ERP provider which offers a Free Online ERP Demo. While other ERP providers require registrations and many business days to process your demo application, our skilled team has made it possible for you to get a hand on experience of the ERP software just by one click!

Learn more about CIS ERP software

CIS ERP software house in Pakistan designed its ERP software by keeping consumer demands, speed, accuracy, and efficiency in mind. This software is enough to meet demands of the largest of business groups of the world and optimize their business functions. It is divided into the following different modules where each module deals with an important segment of your business administration. 


Services Offered By CIS Software House

CIS ERP Software House in Pakistan was established with a goal to provide a full and final solution to the business problem. Through thorough market research, CIS team found out that there isn’t a lack of entrepreneurship in the country, but the lack is in technological solutions. Without proper IT integration in businesses, the business industry of Pakistan was struggling to take a leap forward and capture the global market. Keeping this in mind, CIS software house launched its ERP software that was made into creation keeping in mind all the issues that businesses fail to tackle currently. Our secondary objective was to create a complete solution so that businesses don’t need to invest in multiple software. CIS ERP software house in Pakistan wanted to create a software that could do it all. This was achieved with CISERP. 

General Ledger module

Inventory module

Sales module

Fixed Asset module

Purchase module

Accounts module

Reports and MIS

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