Pharmaceutical companies are known for having complex organizational structures. A typical pharmaceutical company deals with a large number of employees and massive amounts of inventory. This inventory is processed with manufacturing operations categorizing a large number of inventories into Finished Goods, WIP, and Raw Materials.

Managing all these operations which such complexities and significant care is an impossible task to do manually. The best way to supervise a pharma company is with ERP Pharma.

What is ERP Pharma?

ERP Pharma is a specialized CISERP product for Pharmaceutical Companies. It consists of an Online and Offline supported ERP system that smoothens a pharmaceutical company’s processes and enables easy management. 

ERP Pharma was polished to perfection with the help of dealing with many Pharmaceutical clients. After informative feedback from practical companies, CIS Software House was enabled to create the perfect management tool for Pharmaceutical Companies. 

ERP Pharma has many benefits attached to it, which we will get on later, and is extremely affordable to encourage ERP Implementation in the industry.

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Why Pharmaceutical Companies Need ERP Pharma?

erp for pharma companies

With ERP for Pharmaceutical companies, the Pharma industry can benefit with better efficiency, productivity, and profitability. Here is how that happens:

As the Pharmaceutical industry has an ever-existing demand, their products are constantly demanded and manufactured for use in healthcare departments. There is never a real shortage of demand which needs to be concerned about. The best way for more profitability in the industry is to keep their supply up that meets the demand. 

The other way is investments in Research and Development. With the rise of diseases and infections globally, the need for different pharmaceutical products keeps rising with time.

With good ERP software for Pharmaceutical companies, the existing businesses in the industry are helped with a smooth flow of information in between and better management opportunities. Inventory management is kept under control with ERP software for pharmaceutical manufacturing and ensures there is little to no risk of errors. All of this produces productivity in the business.

ERP Pharma also produces useful reportings at the end of the day. With good control in the company and featureful ERP reports that clearly show the position and performance of the company. 

These reportings clearly show the areas of a business that could be worked on towards betterment. This helps decision making for short term and long term planning that ensures productivity and efficiency in the business.

ERP Pharmaceutical Benefits 

Many features help a pharmaceutical company succeed in the industry with a strong competitive advantage. The most useful of these are:

Thorough Inventory Management

inventory management erp pharma

With ERP Pharma, companies can supervise all their inventory stocks with the help of a single user-friendly software.

ERP adds all the current inventory a business has, no matter how large it is, dividing them into practical categories.

Each item’s information is recorded and follow-up action is taken automatically. This refers to the example of creating a purchasing order when an inventory reaches reorder level.

The ERP can track packaging, purchases, and sales of the finished goods to ensure proper control of the business’ transactions,

For pharmaceutical manufacturing companies, manufacturing inventories can be kept up to date on the whole cycle of converting raw materials to finished goods.

All this information is smoothly accessible by authorized users remotely with the help of Cloud ERP.

Efficient Human Resources

payroll erp hr

ERP Pharma offers an extra useful module of Payroll. This is used for labour management in the company. 

For manufacturing companies like Pharmaceuticals, the operations are largely dependent on the company’s labour. Good labour control will provide better productivity and efficiency to the business.An ERP helps manage labour by keeping efficient records of all personnel, supervising their operations with check-ins, check-outs, produce, and more. And can generate the personnel’s performance reports for good decision making.

Useful ERP Reporting 

what erp reports you can generate with erp system

The best way to aim for success in a business is to plan forward and keep the business in control. For both of these options, an owner needs to be well informed of the current state of the business.

ERP Pharma facilitates decision making by being capable of generating various reports relating to each and every aspect of the business. These reports are updated with Real Time technology, ensuring the information to be accurate.

Further facilitated with the use of graphs and charts, reports are made more presentable and aid for better use in decision making.

ERP Reports can enable the managers of the business to view its performance and position. This information can be used to plan ahead, and frequent reporting can help keep control in the business to understand how and where new decisions are taking effect in the business. 

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