Logistics companies exist to create easiness in the work environment of businesses, dealing with many functions revolving around the purchasing and selling of products.

To work this around, the company typically needs hefty administration and a lot of data entry, accounting, and procurement processes.

Doing this all manually isn’t an option in these newer times anymore which is why CIS creates the perfect solution for logistic companies: CIS ERP For Logistics.

What Is CIS ERP For Logistics?

CIS ERP For Logistics is a specifically targeted ERP software that helps logistics company smooth out their day to day processes and creates easiness in the procurement process.

To aid for efficient processing, our intelligent ERP for Logistics ensures accurate inventory data to process with no margin for errors.

Types Of Logistics Offices

logistics offices

Many companies create their own logistics department to deal with their inventory needs, however, with time, more and more companies have sorted out to process their logistic needs through back offices.

This lead to many logistics offices being created in the world, solely to externally deal with logistics for big companies.

Need for ERP in Logistics Offices

erp for logistics business management

With the creation of Logistics offices, a typical logistic office now deals with numerous clients at the same time.

This raised administration issues for logistic offices, as dealing with many clients at the same time can be a very challenging, if not impossible, task to do manually.

However, being a back office, a typical logistics office may not have the resources to opt for an ERP system for 2 reasons.

Firstly, a logistics back office may not have the funds to afford a big ERP software. As most logistics offices aren’t that big of an established business, installing a full-fledged ERP system may be an irrational task for them.

Secondly, an ERP requires ERP Implementation.

This refers to the process of shifting a business’ database into an ERP, creating the ERP for them, digitizing all data, training the employees of the business, and more.

This is a very lengthy and costly process for a small company like a logistics office, which usually spans over a year and costs very expensively.

For these two reasons, logistics offices were seen not be using a good management software like ERP which limited their growth and potential… but not anymore!

CIS Cloud Core ERP For Logistics Offices


To cope up with the needs of logistics offices, CIS creates the perfect tool which is affordable and practical in the business industry.

This tool was Core ERP.

Core ERP is a standardized version of an On Premise ERP, but is mainly targeted to small businesses such as a logistic office.

The Core ERP functions by creating different modules for the use of the business that helps small businesses smooth out processes, achieve growth, generate procurement, and do almost everything that an On Premise ERP does.

But what makes CIS Core ERP for Logistics special?

2 things: Affordable monthly pricing and Rapid ERP Implementation.

The ERP pricing for Core ERP for Logistics Offices starts from just PKR 10,000/ month!

While the ERP Implementation is reduced to just 25 Hours to create feasibility and practicality for small businesses!

Features Of Core ERP For Logistics

Not only does Core ERP come with easy ERP implementation and price, but it is also packed with useful features that create a productive and efficient environment for a logistics office.

Cloud Integration Keeps Your Business Safe And Accessible

cloud erp business management

Core ERP for Logistics is a web based ERP that runs on the Cloud. This produces many benefits for a business.

Firstly, with Cloud Integration, managers feel a sense of peace of mind knowing all their data is secure and safe. With an offline database, there are risks of data corruption or theft.

Secondly, Cloud Access enables managers and owners to access their business data anywhere, at any time.

With the help of any device that can run a browser, managers can easily access their ERP and feel free to do whatever they want in it.

Easy and Authentic Purchasing and Inventory Management

Logistics Inventory Management


A logistics office mainly deals with purchasing and transferring goods from and to companies. This requires hefty processes of documentation, checking inventory records, maintaining B2B relations, and more!

With the help of ERP for Logistics, every change and record relating to inventory is in the palm of your hand.

With a powerful Inventory Module, the ERP software tracks and records all updates to the inventory of the business. This can be automated and linked to GRNs for easier processing.

It also enables businesses to generate numerous inventory reports for better decision making related to purchasing of items.

The procurement process is smoothened out with the Purchasing Module.

This module features all important steps of purchasing like Requisition Notes, Quotations, Purchase Orders, GRNs, Returns and more.

Each document can be assigned for approval by a designated authority.

The documents automatically integrate inventory records to update the physical stock reports.

Accurate and Thorough Accounting For Clear Reporting  

logistics accounting

For complete control over business processes thorough accounting is a need.

Without proper accounting, the business is unreliable and the managers are not well equipped to create good decisions.

Plus, to create a good profile and attract clients, logistics companies need thorough Accounting ERP Reports.

With Core ERP for Logistics, this is not a problem. 

To enable proper accounting, CIS features 7 heavy Accounting Modules:

  • Accounts Receivables
  • Accounts Payables
  • Fixed Assets
  • General Ledger 
  • Purchase 
  • Sales 
  • Payroll

Being equipped with a complete package like this, logistics managers can easily track even the non-material pennies that are invested in the business.

Managing Business Partner Relationships

business patners business management

Because a Logistics Office deals with businesses instead of customers, whether it be the clients or the suppliers, the office needs to maintain accurate records of each business that they deal with i.e. stakeholders.

CIS Core ERP is one of the only ERPs in the market which features Business Partners integration to your business’ ERP software.

This means whichever businesses you deal with, you can easily label them with tags of what kind of a relationship you have with them e.g. supplier, customer, employee, bank, etc.

For every business partner you create, you can enter basic details of the business to help ease out the processing of future transactions.

Additionally, a single business can also be tagged with multiple labels. For example, XYZ company can also be your bank and your customer. 

Later, the reporting module also helps generate useful reports for in depth analysis of each business partner to aid for successful decision making.


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