ERP Implementation is known to be a large and lengthy process for businesses. However, this shouldn’t always be the case. When starting out with an ERP System, many business owners can be reluctant to take the step forward as it is popular that a full ERP integration in a large business can take many months. 

This includes many costs and time requirements as well. All of this can cause fear in a businessperson’s mind and make them even more hesitant to go for an ERP System. This is very bad for large businesses as they need a good ERP system to run smoothly. Surely, there must be a solution? A way ERP Implementation can be done with minimal costs and time wastage? Well, the answer is CISERP.

CISERP provides the best procedures for a successful ERP Implementation that suits our clients’ needs and fits their schedules perfectly. A good ERP Implementation indeed requires a lot of work, but with our skilled and experienced ERP team, this is done in the most productive and efficient way possible. As the best CISERP providers, we take care of our customers and help them in the best way that suits them.

First Steps of ERP Implementation

Starting out, your first step should be contacting your ERP provider. Choosing from the best ERP providers like CISERP will help you with the best consultancy and packages. If you choose from CISERP, you will be provided with mainly two ERP options depending on your business environment and situation. These are Cloud ERP and On Premise ERP. 

On Premise vs. Cloud ERP

The Cloud ERP provides three different opportunities:
Basic ERP: 7 Modules

Payroll: 7 Modules + Payroll Module (Professionally Integrated with all other modules)

ERP Manufacturing: For Manufacturing Entities

The On Premise ERP is the most professional and intelligent ERP version. This isn’t necessarily an offline ERP and can be integrated to be web-based easily. This provides the complete package for businesses and is highly customizable. 

For a business that spans over a wide spectrum, deals with multiple branches, and may be recognized as a group of companies, the On Premise ERP is the perfect solution.

For businesses that are starting out, not necessarily small or medium-sized, but even large scale businesses, Cloud ERP may be the perfect option.

The Cloud ERP holds back at providing a fulfilling package at the benefit of cheap pricing and quick ERP implementation. 

The On Premise ERP requires lengthy ERP Implementation but is a complete solution for businesses that helps them forever. The length is however minimized with our experienced and skilled ERP support team. The payment procedure is one time, which provides you ownership and does not leave you with monthly expenditures. Lastly, the ERP implementation is highly customizable that suits the business’ needs perfectly, the way they prefer. 

Cloud ERP Implementation

Once you’ve registered for ERP Implementation for Cloud CISERP, our professional ERP team starts working collaboratively with your business to efficiently integrate your business to ERP as soon as possible. 

As Cloud ERP supports Rapid Implementation, the standard time would be 25 hours. This package of ERP Implementation is provided by CISERP at an affordable one-time ERP Implementation cost of 70,000 PKR/-.

The 25 hours ERP Implementation is done in the following way. 


rapid implementation plan for cloud erp

As shown above, 25 hours are provided by us and 52 hours of effort is needed by the client’s end. 

The Chart Of Account and Master Data creation takes 2 hours from CIS and 8 hours from the customer.

Uploading the final data requires the same amounts from each side. 

Opening Balances of the business currently, are treated the same way. Creation takes 2 hours (CIS) and 12 hours (Customers) while upload takes 5 hours and 16 hours, respectively. 

Preparation of Modules takes different amounts of time and are all done on-site of the customer’s businesses. 

For getting hands on the modern ERP Software, the customer takes around 8 hours. 

Additional training hours are charged at a rate of 3,000 PKR/hr. 

To learn more about Rapid ERP Implementation Plan:

On Premise ERP Implementation

The On Premise ERP Implementation is treated quite differently than Cloud ERP. This is because it is more extensive and is tailored perfectly for the business. A typical On Premise Implementation includes the following procedure:

on premise erp implementation


Project Initiation refers to the contact of our team with the client’s to create a perfectly successful ERP Implementation framework based on their needs and availability.

Requirements Gathering refers to acquiring resources for proper ERP implementation.

Design and Configuration involves tailoring the ERP Software to the customer’s needs. How the client wants the ERP system to look and how it should be configured.

Customization is optional. If the customer wishes to customize the on premise ERP software revolving around its UI and features, this could be done easily for an extra charge. 

Testing involves running the Test ERP and gathering client feedback. If it is acceptable, the next step of going live is done.

The after sale service involved in this ERP Implementation is Technical Support and Parallel Runs so that you may never stumble upon an issue that causes any problems.

To apply for free ERP consultancy, contact us now and be guided by professional ERP implementation consultants!