ERP Software has been a need for businesses for many years. Especially for large businesses, operating without ERP software is seen as a very risky move which very low chances of success. For large scale businesses, communication between hundreds of personnel and managing operations on such a vast scale is a very difficult task. The right ERP system can smooth these obstacles out for the business.

However, merely implementing any ERP software can’t guarantee success for a business. It is important to analyse and decide on the right ERP Software that actually helps your operations.

How To Know Which Is The Right ERP Software Provider

choosing the right erp system

Deciding upon a good ERP provider is the most important task of ERP implementation in a business. Before choosing the right ERP software, it is important to decide upon the Right ERP provider first. 

ERP provider relationships with clients matter a lot. A good ERP provider provides the perfect plan of ERP Implementation, creates the most fitting ERP modules in your cloud, and provides useful contact support even after purchasing the ERP.

All these aspects tell that a good relationship is needed with the right ERP provider for the business to retain success.

Once you’ve selected the ERP provider, the right ERP provider can easily tailor the right ERP software for you.

The thing with ERP is, there isn’t a standard ERP software that businesses use. Each business has different needs and a different structure that it follows. This is why each business need specifically tailored software that is the right ERP for them. 

This is only possible with a good ERP system provider.

Why Choose From CISERP

ciserp is the right erp software and provider for you

If it’s ERP that you need for your business, the best choice would be to consult CISERP. 

Established in 1988, CIS has been serving its clients with digital solutions for a longer time than any other software provider in Pakistan.

This is not just a brag but an acknowledgement of the importance of being in the market for so long. Such a long experience in the field has helped CIS to create the perfect ERP for customers. 

This means the latest version of CISERP has been polished more than any other ERP, with the help of customer feedback through hundreds of clients.

On top of that, CISERP currently has hundreds of satisfied customers using ERP. This is only made possible due to two things: Positive Customer Support and Quality Assured ERP Software.

This proves CIS is more than capable of being the right ERP software provider for your business. The most popular fields we have majored in include CIS Auto, CIS HRMS, CIS Sugar, CIS Tex, CIS JeMS, and ScrapTech.

Offline ERP vs. Cloud ERP

CISERP provides two options for businesses when integrating their operations with ERP. These are:

  • On Premise ERP
  • Cloud ERP

Each of these ERP solutions fit different kinds of needs for businesses. In summary, On Premise ERP is a complete solution while Cloud ERP is more fit for smaller businesses taking the leap forward.

Cloud ERP

ERP software is needed for all types of businesses. ERP software helps the business with better management and efficiency and is the ultimate tool that enables a business to expand and succeed in the market.

However, choosing the right ERP depends on the type of business.

If you’re a small business, only wanting basic modules of ERP, Cloud ERP may be the best solution for you. This would be a stepping stone for your business to enter the global market of successful businesses.

The Cloud ERP features 8 Modules:

  • Accounts Receivable
  • Accounts Payable
  • Sales
  • Purchases
  • Inventory
  • Fixed Assets
  • Reporting
  • General Ledger

Additional to these modules, businesses can choose to add an extra module of Payroll to the ERP.

Cloud ERP, as stated in the name, is web-based and can be accessed remotely.

The ERP implementation of this version is also relatively cheaper, faster, and easier,

Cloud ERP features the Rapid ERP Implementation Plan. This Plan enables a business to be integrated with ERP in just 25 hours!

rapid erp implementation plan for cloud erp

On Premise ERP

The On Premise ERP is a complete and ultimate solution for businesses to be integrated with ERP.

This ERP takes all management and financial responsibility of a business under control and provides more features than any other ERP in the market.

The On Premise ERP features the standard 8 Modules + Payroll, and additionally an industrial module for the business.

The extra module features useful tools for the business relating to the industry’s specific activities.

All of these features are highly customizable and are tailored exactly as per the needs of the business.

On Premise ERP works offline as well as online. The normal operations of a business are ensured not to be dependent on internet access and can run smoothly in any environment.

ERP Implementation for this software is lengthier than Cloud ERP, but that is just because it offers more. The ERP Implementation Plan is designed as per the requirements of the business, and the framework is then implemented by professional CIS ERP consultants that are prone to no margin of errors.

on premise erp implementation

To learn more about choosing the right ERP for you, find out about ERP Pricing Plans.