The sugar industry is one of the most vastly situated and significant industries in Pakistan. Sugar, being the main consumable and exportable product of Pakistan, is refined in the largest mills based in the country, which span the whole business industry with domination. With so many businesses hosted in this demanded industry, a good ERP software for sugar businesses is needed.

sugar management with erp

Sugar businesses in Pakistan vary in their ways of operations and production vastly, however, the most common feature between these businesses is the wide range they are always situated on and the refinery process they follow.

Sugar businesses commonly follow an organizational hierarchy with thousands of employees hired in a single business, and the refinery process is step by step, going through multiple different departments and authoritative managers.

With such a complex chain of command in a business, sugar businesses are very much prone to errors in communications and a smooth flow of operations.

To tackle these issues, CIS Software House brings the ultimate software solution with CIS Sugar: The most featureful ERP Software for Sugar Industries!

CIS Sugar: The Best ERP Software For Sugar Businesses

ciserp is the right erp software and provider for you

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Software aid businesses with better management and flow of operations. ERP Implementations have been on a rapid rise since the age of digitization when businesses understood the importance of software solutions for large scale businesses.

However, creating ERP software for the sugar industry was a very hard task for all ERP providers around the world. The sugar industry is far too complex than any other industry, has far too many stakeholders, and often deal with a very large on-premise personnel.

The task was hard, but not impossible. CISERP Sugar provides the ultimate solution for these businesses.

CISERP Sugar is a specialized ERP Software for sugar businesses, aimed directly at their industry to help businesses make the best out of their resources. The ERP came into creation after extensive market research in the sugar industry, whose feedback enabled us to create a single ERP system that deals with all the issues related to the sugar industry.

In summary, CIS ERP software for sugar businesses includes proper accounting modules to keep track of each penny invested in the businesses in the most efficient way, availability of user information, providing ease of access for multiple users in the same business, powerful inventory module that supervises all inventories that a typical sugar industry-based business deals with, from raw sugar cane to processed white sugar, and an informative reporting module that enables managers to view the position and performance of the business.

Another important need for Sugar-based industries is proper tracking and management of their produce. Sugar mills often don’t restrict to a single product but create many by-products as well. Each of these products needs individual and cumulative accounting and management. CIS ERP Sugar easily smoothens this out by enabling in-depth analysis of each product and generating product wise reports.

This ultimate tool of ERP software for sugar industries is popular in the country for a reason. All the leading sugar companies use CISERP to manage their large scale business and enjoy overall profitability and efficiency.

Specific Sugar Industry Module in CISERP

The most beneficial module for CISERP for sugar industries is the industry-specific module that we provide with the ERP software. Apart from the Core ERP modules that take care of a typical business’ management, the Sugar industry module in CISERP features better options, opportunities, and reports for sugar specific businesses.

These modules include:

  • Out-grower/Farmers Manufacturing Management System.
  • Agriculture Management System
  • Weighbridge Management System
  • Plantation Management System
  • Harvest Management System
  • Interfacing with Collaborative Technology.
  • Out-grower/Farmers Accounting System.
  • Crop Stock Management System.
  • Quality & Lab Management Interfacing.
  • Crop Transport System

How ERP Software For Sugar Industries Help With Productivity

high productivity with erp for sugar

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Apart from enabling powerful management of large scale businesses with CIS ERP Sugar and eliminating and communication obstacles between departments, ERP software for sugar is extremely popular for increasing productivity in the business.

The most basic way this is achieved is through the Core ERP. Better management allows better labour strategies to be implemented, while efficient communication fastens labour work within departments.

The Sugar specific module is ERP software for sugar specialized in enabling better efficiency in production for the Sugar Industry. This is achieved as follows:

Head start before production with ERP software for Sugar

CIS ERP Sugar allows you to manage things way before the actual production. Through our Cane Indenting System, you can easily input on-ground surveys of the area and crop surveys and based on that manage contracts with farmers and contractors.

  • Area surveys based on villages and zones
  • Mid and Final survey of crops
  • Database of crop types and growers
  • Generate indents based on quotas
  • Keep track of variances in survey and supply

Sugarcane Management 

CIS Sugar is trusted by more than 30 sugar mills across Pakistan. The reason being our software provides the most comprehensive Token control and weightage system to allow things to be fraudproof yet time-saving. Each cane loaded vehicle is automatically issued serial numbers which can be followed up on the amount of cane they bring in. CIS Sugar integrates directly with your weighing system to ensure no discrepancy is there in the tare weight and gross/loaded weight.

  • Unmanned Weighbridge integrated with weighbridge module
  • Fraud alarm in case of any weight discrepancy
  • CPR generated automatically on Tare Weight.
  • Control flow of cane from outside yard to inside
  • Flexible transports from truck to bullcart

Comprehensive Accounting and Reporting

With CIS Sugar you can easily manage payments and loans given to farmers, contractors and transporters. It is strongly integrated with other modules so you have a picture way beyond accounts. You can also check daily crushing reports, sugar sales reports, daily chemical analyses and mill stoppages and other numerous reports from anywhere around the globe.

  • Handles all types of Loans
  • Growers payment and Contractors Payment
  • Efficiently Calculates Cane COST on a daily basis
  • Auto Markup Calculation
  • More Than 100 reports generated from the system
  • Integration with CPR