ERP software vendors are the ones that develop the software from scratch. With their team of expert developers, programmers, business development experts, and IT experts they develop the idea of managing businesses with the help of management software. 


Selecting and evaluating the right ERP software vendor is certainly a critical aspect of using ERP for business needs. Businesses try to get the best ERP for their business, which needs dedication, research towards business needs, and available options for the ERP software. 


Evaluating ERP vendors requires a checklist of things that has to be thoroughly checked before purchasing the ERP software.  Here we will try to break down the evaluation process into seven major things that have to be evaluated before selecting an ERP software vendor. 


7 Things To Check Before Selecting An ERP Software Vendor:


The first thing to make sure of when selecting an ERP vendor is to make sure that you know what your business needs. It is observed businesses start to look for ERP vendors even when they are not certain about their own needs. 


Before you start looking for an ERP software vendor make sure you know your requirements. The following are the seven things one must check before selecting an ERP software vendor. 

  • Technology
  • Integrations 
  • Process
  • Customization
  • Roadmaps
  • Cost
  • Support

1. Technology:


Technology is among the top things you must have checked before selecting a vendor. Technology refers to the foundation of the ERP software, for example, cloud technology, SaaS technology, and many more. 


The technology that ERP vendors use in their software plays an important role in making businesses get the best yield from the software. The technology behind the ERP software plays an important role in whole ERP operations and makes users experience different experiences with every technology. 


If the ERP software vendor is using advanced technology for its ERP software with all advanced ERP integration it certainly shows the quality of the ERP software they are offering. Even if they have all advanced features make sure they are compatible with your needs because advanced features are of no use if they are not compatible with your requirement. 


2. Integrations: 


Integrations are another important thing when evaluating an ERP vendor. Check for various integrations as per your needs. ERP software vendors offer multiple integrations and add-ons for their software to make sure you get the best yield from your software. 


You have to test the functionality of every module in real-time scenarios to test the competency and functionality of the software. 


Moreover, research your own requirements and integrations you want for your business. The research has to be the benchmark for your integrations as it drives your need for ERP integrations.  


3. Process:


The process also refers to systems, some businesses have unique operations or need additional features on a certain type of process. Different vendors have different schemes for additional processes. 


Some businesses need a separate accounting system along with an inventory system other than the ERP system. So ERP software must have enough processes in its system to manage all the operations at once. 

4. Customization:


Customization refers to the adaptability and customization available by the ERP vendor. Not every business has simple and general integrations. Some businesses need customized versions of certain integrations to make them more functional. 


If you need such software that has to be customized to make it more functional then you have to search for the right ERP vendor that offers customization and personalization for their software. 


Many ERP software vendors offer customization for their software to make it more versatile and flexible for changes that have to be done for better functionality within the organization. Moreover, some industries need immense customization and need personalized integrations to manage certain operations. 


To make your ERP integrations worthy of your time and money evaluate your ERP software vendor for the customization they offer for various features and personalization for module development. 


5. Roadmap:


Roadmap refers to the development, integration, and functional roadmap. It is important to evaluate your ERP software vendor for its roadmaps. The roadmap is basically the blueprint of how ERP software works, how it will be implemented, and how it was developed. The roadmap shows the research and development done for the ERP development and how it will help in integration and implementation. 


Every company that wants to integrate its business with ERP software has to evaluate its ERP vendor based on its roadmap because it shows the competency of the vendor and the team behind them. 


6. Cost:


Cost or pricing is another evaluation criterion for ERP software vendors. Every business that needs ERP software needs software that has to be affordable to them and provide value for the price they pay. 


You have to evaluate your ERP software vendor based on the cost because if your vendor is charging you more than the value then it is of no use to you and if it does provide value for the price then you have to buy it. 


The cost and benefit analysis was performed by the business managers and the team responsible for the ERP implementation. It is solely based on their analysis of how they analyze and evaluate the vendor. Every business has its own criteria and fundamentals to test it. 


7. Support:


Support is another important factor in evaluating an ERP software vendor. The customer support offered by ERP software vendors is useful both before and after the implementation of ERP software. 


The customer support department of ERP software vendors shows an interest of ERP software vendors towards your satisfaction and their ERP performance. ERP vendors that do not offer customer support or offer poor support are only interested in selling their software, not to your satisfaction. 


You have to evaluate your ERP vendor based on the customer support they offer. Go for the vendor if it has a strong follow-up and support team that solves your query and takes interest in the performance of their software. 


How Does CISERP Fall Under These Evaluation Criteria?


CISERP is a leading ERP software in Pakistan that is serving hundreds of businesses across Pakistan and tens of industries. 


CISERP has to be tested through the evaluation process that every ERP software vendor has to go through to become the number choice of business. CISERP is the product of CIS Pvt Ltd. a software development company based in Pakistan that is operating for more than 30 years in the industry. With a portfolio of many management solutions, CIS has earned the trust of hundreds of clients all over Pakistan. 


With textile mills, sugar mills, chemical production companies, advertisement companies, insurance companies, and many more industries using CISERP this vendor is no doubt a company to trust. 


When we tried to evaluate the operations of CISERP to test them for our evaluation criteria it suited them all and passed all of the evaluation tests and was the best ERP software in Pakistan.