6 features to look at before choosing ERP software


ERP software is the future of organizational management. With the ease and automation of management systems, businesses are swiftly shifting towards ERP systems. 


The ERP software market is flooded with hundreds of vendors. ERP software providers have developed different versions featured with different resources, suitable for different businesses.


Moreover, businesses can also access international vendors of ERP software that created tough competition in the local and international markets.


People often get confused about what kind of features they should seek in ERP software. In this article, we will discuss, 


Six features to look at before choosing ERP software.

  • Centralized database
  • High-quality data visualization
  • Automated system
  • International support
  • Deployment options
  • Detailed analytics

ERP software can have hundreds of different features, but the above are some basic features a business should consider before choosing ERP software.


Centralized database:


The database is a fundamental need of ERP software. To manage any business, and to perform advanced analytics ERP software needs a well-constructed database.


The database provides all necessary information to the ERP software which is required to manage the business. 


Before the use of ERP software, businesses used to have separate databases for every department. The data was collected manually with a higher risk of error during recording or analysis. 


The need for a centralized database is crucial to perform database decisions. 


The ERP software should have a centralized database. The database should connect different departments of the business like sales, finance, human resource, and others. The data collected through all the sections will be collected in centralized storage that can be accessed by different departments at once


When managers will have access to all the data collected from different sources they can have a better understanding of the business and make better decisions. 


CISERP is an ERP software provider in Pakistan. With a cloud-based database that can be accessed remotely, CISERP is the best ERP software provider in Pakistan.


High-quality data visualization:


Another feature a person should look at before choosing an ERP software for its business is high-quality data visualization.  


The data collected by the ERP software should be visualized or presented in a quality form. Today, businesses prefer management software like ERP software that can present their bulks of data in a simple and understandable form.


Usually, data is collected from different sections of the business. And as we know a salesperson cannot interpret or understand data from the HR department. The ERP software should visualize the data in a way that it can easily understand across the organization and departments. 


CISERP offers an interactive dashboard for its ERP software. CISERP has a user-friendly dashboard that is easy to scroll and understand.


 Automated system:


The basic reason a business should have an ERP system is to automate its business management. So the basic feature a business should look for, is the automation feature of the ERP software.  


ERP software should need minimum human input in performing its basic tasks. 


If the ERP software demands continuous input from employees or managers of the business, that ERP software is not the right choice for you.  


Enterprise resource planning software can perform different tasks at once, once ordered for it.


CISERP is a completely automated software, developed to perform its operation smoothly without any human input.


International support: 


As the world is becoming a global village businesses are spreading across the globe. A good ERP software should have an international support feature.


If a business has its vendors or customers from different countries then that business should have ERP software that has international support.


So the question arises here! 


What is international support? 


International support means that the ERP software should manage and support the business with international clients or suppliers.


There are tens of ERP software in the market that do not have international support features. So they are useless for businesses with multinational exposure. 


Deployment options:


ERP systems have different deployment styles. It can be:


  • Cloud-based
  • On-premises
  • Hybrid


Each of the above deployment styles has its features. Depending upon the need of the business.


Cloud-based ERP software:


Cloud-based ERP software did not need ERP hardware. It can be installed in the existing system. Moreover, cloud-based ERP software can be accessed remotely because of its cloud-based database.


Businesses that need remote access should consider cloud-based ERP software.


On-premises ERP system: 


On-premises ERP systems can only be installed in different hardware that is specially designed for ERP systems. The database of this ERP system isn’t cloud-based and cannot be accessed remotely. It can only be accessed from the hardware. 


Hybrid ERP system:


A Hybrid ERP system can be used in both ways. It has a cloud-based database that can be accessed remotely and can be used along with on-premises ERP. 


Detailed analytics:


ERP software performs data analysis with the collected data from different sources. The results of the data will be used by managers in decision-making. 


ERP software should be able to perform detailed analytics and formulations to offer better results. Every ERP software is designed to run different levels of analytics, a company should choose the right level of analytical analysis for their ERP software.


CISERP is featured with an analytical tool, designed to perform analytical analysis on your data that will help you in your decision making. 


CISERP, a complete ERP software solution:


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