5 Trends In ERP Software Industry


ERP software is the most rapidly developing industry globally. The contribution of the ERP software industry to the overall business fraternity worldwide. The scope and participation of ERP software in business development and operational efficiency are second to none. 


As the world is progressing towards more development in the technology industry ERP software is also among the top growing industries globally. The trends and advancements in the ERP software industry are mostly driven by the business industry. 


New trends are transforming ERP software into a complete business manager with minimum manual input. In this article, we will discuss the five trends in the ERP software industry and how they are changing business operations globally. 


5 Trends In ERP Industry:


Although the ERP industry has tens of amazing trends, here we will discuss only 5 of the most important trends that are transforming business operations globally. 


Following are the five trends in the ERP industry:


  • Use Of Cloud Features
  • Mobile Application
  • Dedicated Integration For Digital Marketing
  • Personalized Solutions
  • Use Of AI & BI


Use Of Cloud Features:


Cloud technology is taking over all major technological industries. Like other industries, ERP software is among all other industries that have yielded maximum benefits from the technology. Over time cloud technology has become a major transformation for the entire management solution business.   


Cloud technology saves hefty investment on hardware investments and provides additional security to the data. The trend of deploying cloud features in the ERP software industry makes ERP implementation easy with remote access to the software and data. 

Furthermore, cloud features are easy to upgrade. The cloud server can upgrade the entire ERP software without shutdowns and disruption in operations. One thing is for sure is that the cloud features completely transform the ERP software industry into advanced web-based software that can work without expensive hardware and separate systems. 


Mobile Application:


In this modern era, everything is getting handy, right into our hands. With the increase in mobile technologies like smartphones, and tablets companies are trying to bring everything into these devices by simply creating applications that can run over smartphones. 


The same thing happens with ERP software. ERP software providers are developing mobile applications that can replace the ERP software that needs computer systems and servers to work. 


The mobile application brings more ease to the employees and managers to work on their phones while working on other tasks. They can carry their ERP tools anywhere they want. 


Dedicated Integration For Digital Marketing:


Digital marketing is the new marketing medium that has proven its effectiveness for all types of businesses. ERP software did not have modules that can work along with marketing tools, especially ERP software, but the new trends in the industry is making ERP software providers develop unique modules and integrations that can work along with digital marketing platforms. 


This trend has helped many businesses to manage their digital marketing department by using the EPR software. With all the sections of the business on the same centralized software, it becomes easy for managers to monitor the business activities and make better decisions. 


Personalized Solutions:


ERP software can be purchased in different forms. They are available in monthly subscription plans, yearly payments, one-time payments with their standard modules, and integrations that businesses use at their convenience. 


As the business type becomes complex like manufacturing and production business, companies need personalized software for their business. 


Personalization or customization help businesses get the best modules and integrations they want for their business. It helps them save their resources on other software, it saves implementation time and money, and it gives maximum yield in a shorter period of time as compared to other ERP software. 


Use Of AI & BI:


This era of automation and technological wonders has made us experience some of the most amazing revolutions in technology. Artificial Intelligence and Business Intelligence are the pioneer technologies that automate the entire business operations without any manual or human intervention. 


The best part about their use is that it makes all the operations error-free and automated. The ERP software industry started to integrate the different levels of artificial intelligence and business intelligence into retail software. With these integrations, the workability and efficiency of ERP software increase by several folds. 


Businesses that need automated operations integrated their businesses with AI and BI-integrated ERP software. 


Future Of ERP Software:


The future of ERP software is very bright as more and more upgrades and transformations are introduced rapidly. ERP software is becoming a necessity for businesses to manage rapid expansion and global challenges. With the surge in demand and high competition among tech innovators, ERP software is getting stronger and stronger in terms of efficiency and productivity. 


Businesses are integrating new and advanced versions of ERP software for their companies to digitize and automate their business operations. 


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