5 reasons why a company should update its ERP software


ERP software is a basic necessity for businesses nowadays. New and innovative versions of ERP software are launched every time in a while to keep up with the rapidly evolving business needs. Businesses themselves are investing millions of rupees to upgrade and equip their ERP software to automate their business management.


As we know businesses need different modules and tools to run their business seamlessly, but to keep the process smooth and, fast businesses need to continuously upgrade their systems. 


Businesses often neglect the fact that with time the features of ERP software become outdated to tackle complex management problems. In this article, we will discuss 5 reasons why you should update your ERP software


Reasons to update ERP software:


There are hundreds of reasons why you should upgrade your ERP software once in a while, but we will discuss five of them here.  Before jumping to the discussion it is important to discuss that the upgrade can be of different variations. For example, a cloud-based ERP software can be easily updated on the other hand an on-premises ERP system needs some physical updates and on-site installations.

  • Enhances quality of data analytics
  • Increased security against hacks
  • ERP software remains compatible with the IT system
  • Better prepared for uncertainty
  • Up to date with technological advancements

Enhances quality of data analytics:


Data analytics is a key feature of ERP software. Business managers and decision-makers need an advanced level of data analytics to support their decisions. Today, the complexity of data generated by businesses is very high and it requires an advanced level of tools. For this purpose, ERP software should have the updated version of its features to manage such complex calculations.


ERP software vendors gradually upgrade the software with new programs rather than entirely updating the interface. The gradual process helps employees learn the new upgrades and evaluate the results. 


Commonly the upgrades are not drastic and time-consuming, the vendor updates the system remotely through the server on cloud-based ERP software. In case of any major upgrade, the vendor informs its clients of the unavailability of some features while updating.


Increased security against hacks:


As the use of the internet increases over time the vulnerability of data security increases. Businesses are moving towards cloud operations that enable them to access new business opportunities worldwide. ERP software also increases their presence on the cloud, hence increasing their exposure to the risk of data security breaches. Hack attacks, cyber-attacks are some common threats to data security. 


ERP software provider uses new firewalls and security measures to ensure the security of data. ERP vendors continuously update their systems and database with new and advanced security protocols. A business that did not update its ERP software increased its security vulnerability. To maintain safe and secure business operations, you must update your ERP software from time to time to maintain seamless operations.


ERP software remains compatible with the IT system:


Information technology has shown its efficiency with businesses. New and advanced IT systems are used by businesses to increase efficiency in business operations. Businesses invest millions in IT infrastructure to equip their business with modern tech. 


ERP software is one of the tools that is used among the IT system of the company. To perform with its hundred percent efficiency business needs an up to date ERP software along with an up-to-date IT system.


If ERP software is outdated it cannot be compatible with modern IT systems and becomes useless for the company. The answer to this problem is upgraded ERP software. ERP vendors integrate new updates to the software to make it compatible with advanced IT systems.


Better prepared for uncertainty:


Uncertainty is of high risk to any business. A business prepares its system to survive uncertain events to avoid losses. Companies that are using ERP software must prepare themselves for any uncertainty. But the question is how to prepare for uncertainty, the answer is simple to make your ERP software sufficient to undergo any uncertain events. 


ERP software that undergoes usual upgrades are more likely to survive any uncertainty like a data security breach, system failure, or any accidental shut down. 


ERP software vendors offer different upgrade plans in which they upgrade the system’s features to sustain any uncertainties as we discussed.


Up to date with technological advancements:


The updates ERP software undergoes are usually of new technological advancements. To make the system workable for the long run, the software should be updated as the technology updates. ERP software is very open to new updates and integration and it makes it more effective with businesses that have dynamic environments.


ERP software vendors try to integrate all modern features into their ERP system. Due to the high competitiveness of the ERP market, the ERP software must keep on evolving or someone with better software takes the market.


This trend of rapid technological upgrades is fast in developed economies. In developing markets the updates take time to integrate new tech. Other than that another problem third world countries like Pakistan face in this regard is lack of awareness. Businesses in Pakistan prefer their old traditional systems for business management, they discourage any technological advancement because they find it difficult to adjust with such a system.


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