5 Commonly Asked Questions About ERP Software


ERP software is the talk of the town nowadays. Because of its brilliant features and useful tools, businesses are automating their operations with advanced technologies like cloud ERP software. 


In countries like Pakistan, it is a complicated task to make traditional business owners use ERP software. Although it is a difficult task but not impossible to do. ERP software providers introduce different awareness schemes that introduce features and usefulness of ERP software for businesses.


In this article, we will answer five commonly asked questions about ERP software. It will work as a simple guide to know what ERP software is.


5 most asked questions about ERP software:


For a layman or for a traditional business owner that has small units spread across Pakistan it will be easy to know insight into ERP software from this article.

  • Why should a business use ERP software?
  • What did ERP software bring to the business?
  • How can a business purchase ERP software?
  • Is it difficult to use ERP software?


1. Why should a business use ERP software?


The most common question asked is why should a business have ERP software. To answer this question we will not go for the technical benefits or features. We’ll answer it simply, in this rapidly evolving world where business dynamics are changing rapidly. 


A business must have a  tool that can speed up the pace of business operation to meet the pace of others. Because traditional businesses usually use manual procedures that are hectic and time-consuming. ERP software fastens the speed of business operations by using modern means and automation tools.


2. What did ERP software bring to the business?


Another question most asked is what ERP software brings to the company in terms of value. The answer is simple. ERP software automates the business process and minimizes human interaction with business data. That change decreases any leakages in:



When ERP software decreases the wastage of business resources it will decrease the cost and increase efficiency in business operations increasing the overall productivity and efficiency of the business. 


3. How can a business purchase ERP software?


Even if we convenience a traditional business owner to use ERP software, they ask how to purchase one. Acquisition of ERP software is very easy nowadays. Different implementation plans along with the different versions of ERP software are available in the market. 


Currently, Cloud ERP software is the most used ERP software that can be purchased on subscription. Multiple payment plans are available in the market. Usually, monthly subscriptions are paid. It is also available on a one-time payment method.



4. Is it expensive to use ERP software?


This is another common question asked. ERP software is available in multiple versions. Each of these versions has different features and modules designed for some specific businesses and industries. 


Businesses that need complex ERP software to do multiple calculations and data analytics processes need advanced ERP software. These advanced versions cost more. 


On the other hand, ERP software is also available on affordable price structures that are highly affordable with maximum efficiency.


A business can also fully customize its ERP software. ERP software providers offer multiple tools that a business can integrate into its ERP software on choice. Such ERP software costs some additional amount because of this feature.


5. Is it difficult to use ERP software?


This question is more like a myth than just a question. It is commonly believed that ERP software is very hard to operate and use. That is why most traditional business owners are reluctant to use ERP software. 


ERP software is very user-friendly and easy to navigate. Upon proper training and easy guidance, a business can easily make its employees use ERP software seamlessly.


ERP software providers offer free training to businesses that integrate their ERP software like CISERP.


CISERP, the best ERP software in Pakistan:


CISERP is one of the best products developed by CIS software house. CIS is serving as a management solution company for 30 years. Its team of highly professional developers and business management experts has developed different management solution products. 


CISERP is among those. With a rapid implementation plan along with various advanced features, CISERP is the best ERP software in Pakistan.