4 Things To Look At Before Selecting ERP Software


Selecting the right ERP software for your business is the most difficult task for businesses. There are hundreds of factors to look after while selecting the right solution suitable for your needs. 


In this article, we will break down the factors into four simple but very crucial factors a business must consider before selecting ERP software.

  • Size of the organization
  • Budget
  • Desired payback period
  • Risk tolerance. 

Size of the organization:


Different types of ERP software are available for different sizes of businesses. The first thing to consider is the size of businesses. ERP software vendors offer different versions and features of ERP software for different sizes of businesses based on their needs.


This mistake is commonly observed, that small-sized businesses use complex ERP software designed for large enterprises. This mistake not only costs them more but also complicates their day-to-day operations.


A business must consider its size and do proper research on the possible options that fit its needs before finalizing ERP software 




Another major consideration is the budget. The budget depends upon how much the business wants to invest in the ERP software. Some other factors that affect the budget are the complexity of the business model, the size of the business, and the availability of ERP software.


Today, the ERP software market is highly competitive and offers you multiple options and features. Based on the needs of the business organizations, allocate the budget for solutions. Always go for the value. It’s not about the cost, it is about the value that ERP software brings.


If you bought an expensive ERP software that does not bring any value or use to the company it is useless. And if you bought a cheaper ERP software that brings more value and is of high use then it is useful.


The budget or cost allocated for the ERP software is based on the research and quoted amount to the organization and managers should go for the ERP software that brings more value in less cost.


Desired payback period:


For a business, every penny it spends must give a return. Every spending has its return on investment that business managers calculate before the investment. ERP software is also an investment that brings efficiency to business operations.


Different businesses have different models that enable them to have a longer payback period with lower ROI or a shorter payback period with higher ROI. 


Another factor that contributes to this regard is the quality of ERP software. Higher quality means high efficiency that gives higher ROI.


A business must consider how much ROI they wanted to have before selecting the ERP software.


Risk tolerance:


Every investment has its own risk. ERP software is also an investment that businesses do to increase the efficiency of their business operations. 


When selecting the ERP software for the business they must consider their risk tolerance. Some organizations are very vulnerable to any change in the management style of business operations. Such companies must consider ERP software that minimizes the risk and attain maximum yield. 


To choose the right ERP software that helps businesses in their operations, risk tolerance should be considered among other factors.


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