3 Reasons businesses hesitate to use ERP software in Pakistan


Businesses in Pakistan are mostly operated on traditional customs. They are very reluctant to change. This is the reason Pakistan lacks technological advancements. The government is enforcing businesses to use modern means, but they face difficulties due to a lack of awareness. 


ERP software is one of those developments, which is still under implementation by businesses. Because of misconceptions and lack of knowledge business owners are afraid to embrace ERP implementation. 


The government and different companies did different campaigns about the benefits and perks of using ERP software, but the results are still weak. Although the scope is still high as the awareness and exposure to ERP software is increasing day by day.  


Here, we will discuss the five reasons why businesses avoid using ERP software in Pakistan and how to overcome these.


Fear Vs fact of ERP implementation in Pakistan:


Businesses are afraid of using ERP software in Pakistan, because of misconceptions and lack of knowledge. To overcome this fear, they must know the fact.


Studies show that traditional business practices are very addictive. It takes ages to replace them with an automated or technological resource. It is observed that upon proper guidance and consultancy business owners welcome such changes.


In Pakistan, small businesses consider ERP software as a resource only for huge businesses. Because of that reason, small businesses avoid considering ERP software for their business needs.


ERP software providers in Pakistan like CISERP run campaigns along with regulators to educate small and medium-size businesses about ERP software.


3 Reasons why businesses avoid using ERP software in Pakistan:


Among tens of reasons why businesses avoid using ERP software in Pakistan, the following are the 3 important ones:

  • Fear of losing existing system
  • Difficult to choose the right ERP software
  • Time-consuming implementation processes

Fear of losing existing system:


As discussed above, businesses are reluctant to replace their existing system with entirely new software. Although ERP software does not eliminate the use of the existing system. ERP software is designed to work along with the existing systems and increase its capacity and efficiency.   


Besides the fact that the transition from the old system to ERP software is a smooth and easy process, businesses consider it a risk.


To overcome this fear, ERP software providers in Pakistan like CISERP offer free trials to run. These free trials help business owners to know more about ERP software.


Moreover, CISERP is a cloud-based ERP software in Pakistan. CISERP is designed to remotely formulate all the business activities. These features and modules are tested for their work management and lack of errors.


Difficulty in choosing the right ERP software:


The second biggest concern businesses have is choosing the right ERP software for them. In Pakistan, there are tens of ERP software providers. Each of those offers different ERP software integrated with different resources. 


Every business has its own needs. ERP software providers in Pakistan offer ERP integrated with different resources as per the need of the business. 


Businesses should prefer ERP software perfect for their needs. For example, a person has a real estate business. If that person chooses an ERP software, which is integrated with advanced inventory & supply chain management modules; these modules are of no use.


In Pakistan, CISERP is the best cloud-based ERP software provider. CISERP offers fully-featured cloud-based software, designed to manage businesses of all nature.


ERP software which CISERP offers is easy to operate and remotely accessible. This ERP software is independent of system installation. Its cloud-based database makes it secure and easy to implement.   



Time-consuming implementation process:


As per the common perception, ERP software takes ages to be fully implementable. For businesses time is money. 


Business owners avoid resources that are hectic to implement and operate. Because of this perception, businesses avoid ERP software in Pakistan.


CISERP being the best cloud-based ERP software has a 25 hours implementation plan. Businesses seeking ERP software in Pakistan can now implement ERP software in 25 hours.