Enterprise resource planning is not associated with organizations that work for profit, it is for organizations that want to scale up their operations and business using their resources whether their motive is to earn profit or not.


There are large-sized organizations that run their business not to earn profit but for the welfare of society like community service centers, hospitals, schools, training centers, businesses, and many more.


Here in this article, we will discuss the features of ERP software for non-profit organizations and how it helps them scale their operations efficiently. As we all know that the idea of ERP is to plan the management of resources available for any enterprise regardless if it’s working for profit or not keeping this function in mind it is easy to understand the features.


Features Of ERP Software For Non-Profit Organizations:


The features of ERP software for non-profit organizations remain the same as those for profit organizations, the basic difference is the style of interpretations for the transactions. Following are some features of ERP software for non-profit organizations:


  • Keep a Record Of Every Asset & Transaction
  • Create Invoices & Reports For Funds Inflow & Outflow
  • Track Employees Activities


Keep Record Of Every Asset & Transaction:


For a non-profit organization, it is certainly important to keep a record of every transaction whether it is an inflow or an outflow. This is also important to keep the credibility of the organization and make all things transparent. This is because non-profit organizations deal with public money in terms of charity and donations.


ERP software for non-profit organizations helps in creating a completely transparent flow of funds. It also keeps a record of every asset purchased or sold along with the continuous depreciation occurring on it. With all the records the managers and volunteers can get all the information instantly.

Create Invoices & Reports For Funds Inflow & Outflow:


When recording every transaction ERP software for non-profit organizations generates invoices and reports to keep parallel data of every transaction the organization is dealing with. It also helps in reconciling all the data and making all records transparent.


The reports generated by the ERP software are used by managers for better decision-making and keeping an eye on business operations. It is also important to note one thing when we talk about non-profit organizations it means businesses that are working to serve the community not to earn profit for themselves but for the cause.


With that in purpose, the reports are used to understand the business dynamics and insight and make better decisions for the company.


Track Employees Activities:


When we talk about employees it refers to the human resource that is working on salaries for the organization, not volunteers. Non-profit organizations have hundreds of employees to run their business activities and ERP software helps them manage their HR.


The ERP software for non-profit organizations keeps track of all the employee’s activities, their leaves, attendance, payrolls, and other perks. The system keeps all their personal and other relevant information recorded in the data and uses them where needed.


With a management solution doing all these jobs non-profit organizations easily manage their HR.


CISERP Helping Non-Profit Organizations Manage Their Operations:


CISERP is designed to help every organization’s resources; this is the reason it is well adapted to non-profit organizations. CISERP helps them manage their financial and human resources along with keeping a record of their financials and assets. It also generated reports that are extremely helpful for managers to make better decisions.


The features of ERP software for a non-profit organization are a complete fit as it completely manages all the operations effectively without costing much. CISERP offers a 30-day free trial period that helps non-profit organizations test the features and functionality of the enterprise.