10 Major Industries Using CISERP In Pakistan


CISERP is the most resourceful ERP software in Pakistan. With various features, CISERP is used by multiple major industries in Pakistan. Different industries use different features to empower their business operations.


CISERP is providing two different versions of ERP software to businesses in Pakistan. The two versions include:



These two versions are integrated with necessary features to accommodate businesses that prefer them. Most of the CISERP clients use on premises ERP software because of its features that are offered only by CISERP. These features include:


  • Unlimited users
  • Implementation included in the package
  • 27/7 Customer clients


10 Industries Using CISERP:

Following are the 10 industries using CISERP in Pakistan. Multiple companies in these industries have integrated CISERP for various tasks like inventory management, general ledger management, and payrolls. 

  • Textile Industry
  • Steel industry
  • Lubricants Industry
  • Sugar Industry
  • Rice Industry
  • Book publication Industry
  • Advertisement Industry
  • Insurance Industry
  • Chemical production Industry
  • Automobile Industry 


Textile Industry:

The textile industry is among the major user of CISERP in Pakistan. The textile industry requires a management system that can fasten their operations and brings efficiency to the business. To bring speed and efficiency it is necessary to get rid of manual setups and integrate something that can alter the course to higher productivity and profitability. 


CISERP is a complete package that will bring technology and efficiency to the business. With our inventory management along with sales and purchase management modules, CISERP is the best ERP software for textile companies in Pakistan.


Steel Industry:

Stell industry is a growing sector that is getting its momentum to achieve its previous glory in Pakistan. Many local and international investors are entering the industry. To grow and achieve substantial productivity it is necessary to have an advanced management system that is capable of doing wonders. 


CISERP is capable of being the missing piece to make this happen. With its inventory management, fixed asset management, and accounts management CISERP is the best ERP software for steel industry in Pakistan.


Lubricant Industry:

The lubricant industry is among the fastest-growing industries in Pakistan. With a CAGR of around 5% till 2025. This industry involves the manufacturing of lubricants for multiple uses including commercial and industrial use. 


The lubricant industry is like other production businesses that produce products using different chemical compositions. The business model of the lubricant industry requires advanced tech to manage inventory, sales, purchases, general ledger, and payrolls. CISERP is providing all the modules at an affordable price. 


Sugar Industry:

The sugar industry is a huge industry in the agriculture sector of Pakistan. Huge sugar mills operate under private and public ownership. These huge enterprises are spread in different units spread across Pakistan. To manage such a business model the industry requires management systems like ERP software to digitalize business operations. 


CISERP has helped various sugar producing companies with ERP software that helped them in creating a centralized system to bring efficiency in business operations.


Rice Industry:

Pakistan is an agricultural country that produces agricultural products and exports them to the rest of the world. Being the 10th largest rice producing country in the world, rice is among the major export product. The Rice industry in Pakistan is rapidly growing and introducing new products and new supply chains. 


To incorporate such changes the industry needs a mechanized and digitalized system that can somehow automate the data processing. ERP software is the one that fits in the required parameters. Here the question comes which ERP software? CISERP is one of the best ERP software for rice producing companies. 


With its sales, purchase, and inventory management modules CISERP is the leading EPR software provider for the agriculture sector especially rice businesses.


Book Publication Industry:

The book Publication industry is relatively small in Pakistan. This industry is rapidly evolving to meet modern challenges. In the race to keep up with modern challenges, they need technological means to speed up their business operations.


CIS is providing those technological means in the form of CISERP. The CISERP is helping the book publishing industry with its remarkable account receivable, account payable, fixed assets, and general ledger management.


Advertisement Industry:

The advertisement industry is a service based industry that is supporting businesses of all types. As the business dynamics change across the globe the advertising industry has to evolve and start to use modern means to cope with the changes.


To match the speech of changing businesses across the globe advertisement industry alters its course of business operation to advance business management software that can help them in increasing efficiency and productivity in business operations.


CISERP is providing the efficiency and ease in management operation that the advertisement industry demands. With its incredible accounts management along with payroll management, CISERP is the best ERP software for advertisement companies.


Insurance Industry:

The insurance industry in Pakistan has always been a critical section of the financial sector of Pakistan. The size of the insurance industry is about PKR 108 billion and is growing. The insurance industry follows a unique business model that enables them to have a unique business. 


As a matter of fact, the insurance industry has experienced multiple ups and downs. To tackle the fluctuations in the business they use management software to bring foundational support to business operations. Many insurance companies use CISERP as their management system. 


CRISPR proves its efficiency in terms of general ledger management, account receivable and payable, and fixed asset management.


Chemical Production Industry:

The chemical production industry is a huge industry that is providing chemicals to almost all industries across Pakistan. Because of their huge operations and supply chain, their business operations are widely dispersed among multiple units and divisions.


To accommodate the challenges chemical production companies face in terms of management, CIS is providing them with CISERP. A state of the art ERP software that is integrated with various modules to bring increased productivity to the business.


Automobile Industry:

The automobile industry is among the fastest growing industry in Pakistan. More and more players are entering the market. This sector of the economy demands a complex management solution that can compute their accounts along with other management facilities.


CISERP is among the top ERP software that is preferred in the industry. Its highly effective modules and easy to use features enabled businesses to fasten their operations along with increased efficiency.


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